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The Office of Sen. Mar Roxas Shows Concern For the Monumento

5 March 2009

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to notice an email in my inbox whose subject reads: "re: Feedback from Sen. MAR."  The short message reads:

"Hi. Please see attached files.  We would appreciate confirmation of receipt."  

The attached files consist of three (3) letters sent in PDF format.  Clicking on any of the images below produces an enlarged copy:

Letter to LRTA Administrator, Melquiades A. Robles:

Letter to Caloocan City Mayor Enrico "RECOM" Echiverri

Letter to MMDA Gen. Mgr. Roberto Nacianceno
For expressing interest and concern in the ongoing desecration of the Bonifacio Monument, and for sending referral letters to responsible officials of our government encouraging them to promptly respond directly to me, copy furnished his office, thanks to Sen. Mar Roxas!  Thanks as well to Atty. Blas James G. Viterbo, Sen. Roxas' Chief of Staff, who actually signed the three referral letters in behalf of the Senator.

I'd say a good job, so far, from the office of Mr. Palengke.    


  1. Wow at least we're going forward. I hope that they will hear the citizens voicing out their concern.
    I was trying to comment several time but there's some kind of problem again. Hope it will be published this time.

  2. Hi, Susan and Ana, it's nice to hear from both of you again!

    I learned just yesterday that Senator Mar Roxas is not only chair of the Senate committee on education. The exact name is committee on education, arts and culture. So he really is supposed to be directly concerned with this matter. At least, he's off to a good start.

    Even routine referral letters from a top official of this country, like Senator Roxas, can produce some instant reactions.

    For example, yesterday, I received a phone call from Mr. Rev Leyson, a Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) employee. According to him, he was instructed by Engr. Federico Canar, project manager of the LRT Line 1 North Extension Project, to explain to me that they are not desecrating the Bonifacio Monument since it will not be physically touched by the LRT-MRT3 closing the loop project. Engr. Canar, to be sure, received his own instructions from LRTA Administrator Mel Robles, a recipient of one of the 3 referral letters.

    Our conversation was cordial. However, I made it clear to Mr. Leyson that I differ with the LRTA in their opinion regarding the ongoing desecration of the Monumento. I told him that even the Japanese Army which was known for its brutality in World War II did not dare dig up the Monumento Rotunda as the LRTA and its contractors are doing now.

    Mr. Leyson also admitted that the LRTA plan is to physically interconnect the LRT and MRT3. This confirms what I've been told recently by other sources. To me, it's unimaginable and unacceptable. A downright terrible plan, an insult to the honor and dignity of the entire Filipino nation.

    When I asked Mr. Leyson whether the diggings at the Monumento Rotunda and the plan to physically connect LRT with MRT3 have a permit from the National Historical Institute (NHI), he told me that this was a matter that only higher-ups at the LRTA can answer.

    He invited me to visit the LRTA field office in Balintawak so they could explain other issues to me. I thanked him for the invitation and promised to call him up next week. The office contact number that Mr. Leyson gave me is 3610841 local 31.

    I did not fail to remind Mr. Leyson that the office of Senator Mar Roxas had asked them to make a prompt response to me directly, copy furnished his office, meaning that Senator's office and myself would not be content with verbal explanations.

    I guess it has been very easy for the LRTA to start digging up the Monumento Rotunda. I wonder if it will be easy as well for them to explain in writing why they are doing so.

    Anyway, let's pray that Senator Mar Roxas will go beyond simply writing referral letters. I am very much interested in what he has to say or personally write about this matter. That will be an event.

    It might be a good idea to email the Senator and share with him your thoughts. His office email address is admin@marroxas.com. This is the link to the Philippine Senate website. And this is the link to Sen. Mar Roxas' biography in the Senate website. Lastly, this is the link to the official website of Sen. Mar Roxas.

    Your interest in this matter really makes all the effort worthwhile.

    Thanks again and God bless!


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