Monday, March 30, 2009

2010 Presidential Campaign Issues

Readers who by now are a bit familiar with my site will notice the poll in my sidebar entitled "2010 Presidential Campaign Issues." For posterity, I now include a copy of said poll in this article.

A few clarificatory points are in order:
  1. My primary objective in doing this survey is to influence the tendency of the 2010 campaign towards issues and away from personalities.
  2. Another primary objective is to determine how well the choice labeled: "Reestablish respect for the Philippines by actively promoting Filipino cultural heritage" will perform compared with the other choices. Remember that this is a blog that was birthed by, and remains committed to, the need to promote Filipino cultural heritage.
  3. You may select up to nine (9) choices before casting your vote.  Of course, if you want to, you can select only 1 or several that you really like most. That way, your top choices will land on top.
  4. I wanted to provide more choices but ten (10) is the limit that the Vizu system allows.  This is a definite limitation in this poll which might just lead to a part 2 for this poll.
  5. This is my very first time to do a Vizu web poll. There are many things that I don't know about Vizu web polls.
  6. I have nothing at all to do with what appears at the bottom of the Vizu web poll. The words "Earn $5 Cash Now" appeared automatically when I created this Vizu web poll. I had nothing to do with putting them there.
I hope you'll find time to cast your vote on this poll. Please ask your family and friends to do likewise.  This is our chance to shape the 2010 campaign into a campaign for real CHANGE rather than just a senseless circus staged by the personalities who are running.  Many voters who are disgusted with personalities will at least look at issues and, given a decent forum, will sit down to discuss them especially if these are close to their hearts.  Polls like this one give us the opportunity to draw out these voters thereby enriching the electoral process.

When Filipino voters demand that candidates adopt the issues paradigm, that's the time when candidates will be compelled to run campaigns compatible with standards that the voters require.  Only the certified eggheads will fail to respond. 

Aside of course from the choices expressed through your votes, I'd be delighted to find your comments and suggestions on this post. 


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