Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Than Half a Million of Our Fellow Pinoys Victims of Storm Ondoy are Still in Evacuation Centers, October 1, 2009

1 October 2009

The destruction brought by tropical storm Ondoy has been such that more than half a million of our countrymen, many of them in the eastern section of Metro Manila and Rizal, are still in 607 evacuation centers and will likely remain there for at least another week or more.  

More than half of the evacuees are in Metro Manila, Rizal has nearly a hundred thousand while Laguna has more than a hundred thousand.  In the last four days, the DSWD has been distributing 12,500 food packs and 12,500 clothings packs every day. 

Fund raising and relief efforts undertaken by large media outfits like ABS-CBN, GMA Network and other private groups have done much to complement the government's drive but the enormity of the need is such that much more needs to be done.  

These reports by GMA News show us the grim reality of life in flood-stricken areas and in the evacuation centers.  People driven by hunger and desperation jostle for relief goods in the streets while others bear the miserable conditions in crowded evacuation centers. Unfortunately, there are even reports of hoarding of relief goods by some local officials.



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  1. Hi Rolly,
    I hope you and your family were not affected by the typhoon Ondoy. We are helping by asking people for help and I think most of our kababayan outsides the Philippines are much worried offered help in whatever ways they can.
    I tag you with a prayer form Fr. Stephen Cuyos
    I wish you a good weekend.


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