Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Call to the Office of Chairman Fe Barin of the SEC  —  Reiterating the Urgent Necessity of A Pre-Need Industry Stakeholders' Conference

28 April 2009  

I called up the office of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Chairman Atty. Fe Barin (5845343) at about 11:40am today and her Secretary, Ms. Vivian Fulgar, answered the telephone. I gave Vivian my contact nos. as well as the URL of this blog.  

I told Vivian directly that I've gone on record as supporting the call of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile for Atty.  Fe Barin to resign as SEC Chairman.  I relayed to her my request to the Chairman to immediately convene a meeting of pre-need company owners, planholders and other stakeholders under the aegis of the SEC.  Vivian listened to what else I had to say with no hint of impatience in her voice. She's a credit to the SEC, I'd say.

She also gave me Chairman Barin's email address:


I'll send a copy of this post to Chairman Barin's inbox and I will contact her office again before the day is over.

Please stay tuned to find out what Chairman Barin's response will be.

Next on the list of options, defending on Chairman Barin's response, a citizens' online petition asking her to resign as SEC Chairman, direct representations with the Senate, Congress and Malacañang.  Unity, vigilance and assertion is the best way to protect planholders' rights.

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28 April 2009 12:54pm Manila time

I've sent the email message to Chairman Fe Barin (please click the image to enlarge):

Please stay  tuned.

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