Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jun Lozada Arrested for Perjury, Promises Not to Post Bail

29 April 2009

ZTE-NBN broadband scandal star witness Jun Lozada is now in jail after being arrested for charges of perjury filed by defeated senatorial candidate Mike Defensor.

In a dramatic turn of events, Lozada who a year ago stunned the nation by accusing personalities closely-linked with Malacañang with kidnapping him, is now the one facing a prison term. Leaders of Philippine civil society like singer Leah Navarro and Enteng Romano of the Black and White Movement were shown on TV asking people to support Jun Lozada.

Whoever thought of this "arrest Jun Lozada" stunt is not doing PGMA a favor.  With Lozada in jail and not posting bail, the spotlight will focus on him again and civil society will now have a converging point to forge unity that was lost several months ago.  

Here are video clips of Jun Lozada's arrest courtesy of gmanews.tv:

Next time you know, this government will be scrambling to get Jun Lozada out of jail because of the public outrage that his arrest will create. 

Let's pray for Jun Lozada and his family and for the truth to now finally prevail. Let's visit him in jail as soon as we can and tell him that we appreciate the sacrifices he's been willing to bear for our country and people.

God can send angels to spring Jun Lozada out of jail as he did for the Apostle Peter more than two thousand years ago.  But I guess He won't be doing that now.  I believe He wants to see a conscience-stricken, God-fearing nation rise up and say, "Enough of injustice, corruption and abuse!"

Then, Jun Lozada will have his freedom once again and this fair land will have justice and fairness restored in its midst.

Mabuhay si Jun Lozada!  Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

To God be the glory!




  1. hay naku, yan lozada na yan, napaka self righteous, sya numero unong namumulitiko.
    kala mo kung sinong banal. paiyak iyak pa, corrupt din sya
    kung gusto nya mamatay at makulong lahat ng corrupt, mauna na sya

  2. Jay, thank you for posting your comment. It's just that our opinions here differ. But I have to respect your opinion. That is how a democracy works.

    You're welcome here anytime. God bless!

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