Saturday, April 25, 2009

Job Openings Posted sa Jobs Board ng Bayan

26 April 2009

Jobapalooza '09 is still a few days away.  While waiting for it, the Jobs Board ng Bayan appears to be a good source of leads for job openings. I've mentioned them before in passing in this blog. 

Their home page lists a number of active job openings. The job openings are posted by position, industry, date of posting, company and province. 

To give you an idea, this is a screenshot of their job postings by position listing jobs for junior merchandiser, pharmacist, product representative, store supervisor, account manager, accountant, accounting staff, civil engineer, etc.:

If you click at a particular company that has posted jobs openings in the site, it will show you the jobs listings that are current and those that have already expired:

This kind of organized, logical presentation helps jobseekers by informing them of the positions that are most probably still open and it also gives them an idea of the various positions that in the future a particular company may need applicants for.  

The Jobs Board ng Bayan website is here. I really hope you'll find something there that could help you land a job you'll be happy with.  I'll appreciate if you can tell me about your experience with their site and their services. You can either post a comment here or email me at rollyocampo@yahoo.com.

It's a difficult world out there and I wish all of you God's best!


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