Thursday, April 30, 2009

NBI Eyeing Suicide in the Shooting of Trina Etong

30 April 2009

"Our investigation is leaning to suicide but our probe is not yet over so we cannot categorically say it is suicide."  This is the statement that is being attributed by GMA Channel 7 reports to NBI spokesman Ric Diaz.  

I have not seen any video clip of this declaration by Mr. Ric Diaz but it appears to be compatible with recent developments in the Trina investigation.  

You will recall that no less than Kaye Failon has thanked the NBI for its professionalism. Coming from Kaye, that's telling a lot.  More recently, the test on the clothes that Ted Failon wore when he rushed Trina to the hospital on April 15 has yielded negative for gunpowder residue.  

We have to remember that criminal conviction requires proof of guilt "beyond reasonable doubt." 

The biggest doubt so far are the twin autopsies conducted on Trina wherein two forensic experts commissioned by Ted Failon himself, Drs. Erwin Erfe and Raquel Fortun, have given their expert opinions that Trina's wound was most probably self-inflicted.  The way the doubts have piled up and as proof required to secure a Ted Failon conviction diminishes, it is but to be expected that the NBI would want to slowly ease up on Ted and his family.  This is so especially because of the torment that the Failons have suffered at the hands of the Quezon City police. The NBI has nothing to gain if it publicly appears to be aggressively pursuing a murder, homicide or parricide case that has obviously lost a lot of its steam.

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