Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Nay, I Can't Wait to See You Again ..." — Kaye Failon

22 April 2009

In the eulogy prior to Trina's cremation this morning, Kaye Failon perhaps verbalized best her family's unimaginable anguish at the loss of her mother, Trinidad "Trina" Etong ... "'Nay, I Can't Wait to See You Again ..."    
'Nay, mami-miss ko yung amoy ng buhok mo.
mami-miss ko yung hawak ng kamay mo.
Nay, mamimiss ko yung halik mo sa 'kin na parang wala nang bukas.
Even Ted Failon has identified Kaye as the person bearing the brunt of the burden for their family right now. Ted himself came close to admitting that he is on the verge of giving up or even possibly shooting himself. He uttered these words in  Tagalog "minsan po iniisip ko ... magbabaril ako sa ulo ko..." (sometimes I think ... I will shoot myself in the head ...). It is a classic study in utter bereavement and despair.  I can imagine it to be similar to being physically free and yet feeling as if you're all alone, imprisoned in a dark, forbidding dungeon from which there is no escape. 

With the cremation of Trina's mortal remains, a chapter closes in the Failon family saga. Unfortunately, in spite of Kaye's appeal to the public that they be given time to rest and to be alone, I don't see any rest for them any time soon given that there are at least three investigations that Ted Failon and his household face. 

The first one is the ongoing preliminary investigation into the obstruction of justice case regarding the alleged tampering with the crime scene; the second one is the ongoing investigation by the NBI into the shooting death of Trina herself which it has assumed from the PNP; and the third one is the planned investigation by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) into the perceived excessive use of force by the QCPD.  

Emotional grief, spiritual anguish, physical exhaustion ... all of these intangible enemies are confronting the members of the Failon household by now. Depression, a deadly stalker, has obviously set in especially in the case of Ted Failon. Kaye, it appears to many, is made of sterner stuff. 

Let's continue praying for God's comforting grace to sustain Ted Failon, his daughters Kaye and Karishma and the rest of his family at this critical time.

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