Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Many Filipinos Get to See Delfin Lee For the First Time Through ABS-CBN TV Patrol Report

22 April 2009

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Filipinos had their first glimpse of the person first introduced to the public by DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzales simply as "Delfin Lee" in a news report by ABS-CBN.  According to Secretary Gonzales, he received a text message saying that Lee was in the Failon household at the time of the shooting and that he (Lee) helped Ted move the body of the seriously wounded Trina from their bedroom to the bathroom.

Delfin Lee is reportedly a longtime friend of Ted Failon and also of Vice President Noli De Castro.  This article by Sun Star Pampanga identifies Lee as the president and chief executive officer of Globe Asiatique Realty. Lee has denied that he was at the Failon residence at the time of the shooting.  I recall seeing Vice President Noli De Castro on TV say that he requested Lee to go to the Failon household upon learning of the incident because he could not contact Ted.  According to Lee, he reached Failon's house only in the afternoon of April 15, hours after the shooting incident happened.  He strongly denied the accusations emanating from the text message received and reported by Secretary Gonzales.

This is the picture of Lee that I took as his interview was being aired at ABS-CBN's TV Patrol.  I believe that showing this constitutes fair use of ABS-CBN's rights over their video.

Anyway, if there are objections from ABS-CBN, I'll promptly pull it down.

Any legal advice from my readers are most welcome.  Thanks a lot!

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