Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trina's Cremation Pushes Through Tomorrow, April 22, Despite A Last-Minute Visit by NBI Operatives at Arlington Funeral Homes

21 April 2009   8:38pm Manila time

About an hour ago, ABS-CBN showed a video of the visit by NBI operatives in the wake of Trinidad "Trina" Etong.  Ostensibly, they went there to pay their respects but it was evident they made the visit for some other purpose.  As to what precisely, Chief of the NBI special task force Arnel Dalumpines failed to specify.  The video footage just showed him saying that they were respecting what Ted Failon's lawyers told them.  It was unclear what discussion transpired between the two groups.  

My guess is that the NBI team went to Arlington to make a last-minute request to delay the cremation of Trina. 

All indications however point to an "all systems go" for Trina's cremation tomorrow morning at 11am. The cremation will be preceded by a mass to be officiated by close Failon family friend, Fr. Gerry Orbos.  Trina's ashes will not be buried yet and will kept by the Failon family.

21 April 2009   10:55pm Manila time

You will note that the first part of this post is based on an ABS-CBN video.  I just came across a gmanews.tv article posted 9:24pm entitled, NBI wants own autopsy exam on Failon's wife.

Just as I suspected, said article quoted NBI special task force chief Arnel Dalumpines as saying that "they will ask the Failon family for permission to do a third autopsy."

A third autopsy may happen or it may not.  That will be one of the questions that tomorrow will answer.  

The first autopsy was done by the PNP SOCO medico-legal team which was joined by Dr. Erwin Erfe. The second one was done very early this morning (April 21) by Dr. Rachel Fortun. 

Both Drs. Erfe and Fortun were personally commissioned by Ted Failon to do the autopsies. 

Both forensic experts gave the opinion that the most probable cause of Trina's death is a self-inflicted gunshot wound entering from the right temple and exiting the left temple.  



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