Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recovering Swine Flu Patient Arianna Anastos of Queens New York Took Tamiflu Pills in Hospital

28 April 2009

I've been watching Anderson Cooper's AC 360 program at CNN and it showed an interview by Anderson Cooper with New York City student Arianna Anastos and his father, Chris Anastos. Arianna is a high school student at Queens where some of those who contacted the virus went to Cancun, Mexico.  Arianna herself did not go to Cancun and she presumably got the virus from contact with those who did.

One highlight of the story is Anderson's question to Arianna:

Did they give you Tamiflu in the hospital?

Arianna said yes adding that "after two pills, I started feeling better."

Chris, Arianna's father, said that his daughter "looked like she was run over by a truck” before she was hospitalized.

Asked by Anderson Cooper to clarify that statement,  Chris said, “she could not move ... she could not even open her eyes.”


  1. I noticed you signed up to follow my blog, so I came for a visit. Yes, the swine flu is scary, but the good thing I heard is that human to human contact, diminished the strength of the virus. Let's stay positive. We need to in this world.

  2. Hi, Sonia,

    Just reading your profile is pleasantly overwhelming. I'll be sure to follow your blog closely.

    I posted Arianna's story because it is experiential and is a positive development in the fight against the swine flu virus. I hope it eases the concern of people who are worried about this menace.

    From being unable to move and unable to even open her eyes, a healthy Arianna standing outside their home with her father and being interviewed by Anderson Cooper is a sight to see! God is good!


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