Monday, April 20, 2009

Even As DOJ Objects, Trina's Remains To Be Cremated Wednesday Morning, April 22, Manila Time

20 April 2009

The remains of Trinidad "Trina" Etong are scheduled to be cremated at 11am on April 22, Wednesday, Manila time at the Arlington Funeral Homes in Quezon City.  This is according to news reports coming from gmaNews.tv.

However, the cremation won't happen if Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Raul Gonzales will have his way.  In a Manila Times online article, DOJ bucks Trina cremation, Gonzales was reported to be saying that no cremation should take place until the police finishes its investigation into Trina's death. 

In the same Manila Times article, Gonzales opened a new angle in the Trina suicide regarding a tip he allegedly received through a text message from an "anonymous source" who said that Trina's body "was transferred from the bedroom to the bathroom" by Ted Failon and that a certain "Delfin Lee" assisted Failon in doing it. Gonzales however admitted that his information is "very raw" and that he has ordered the NBI to look for this "Delfin Lee" so he could shed light on the case.  

These are the other available videos from gmanewstv:

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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