Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Conversation with DepEd Assistant Secretary Teresita Inciong on My Sad Experience with the DepEd NCR on Tuition Fee Increase

30 April 2009

It's 4:43 in the afternoon and I've just had a telephone conversation with DepEd Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects, Dr. Teresita Inciong. This concerns my earlier post entitled  An Open Letter on the Nightmare of Tuition Fee Increases to PGMA, DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus, CHED Chairman Angeles and the Entire Filipino Nation.  

I sought the help of the DepEd Central Office regarding the matter and Ms. Salve De Vera of the Office of Secretary Jesli Lapus referred me to the Dr. Inciong.  I promised Dr. Inciong that I'll start writing this post as soon as we hang up the phone and she in turn promised to contact the DepEd NCR and get back to me afterwards. 

After a few minutes, at around 4:49pm, my phone rang and on the other side was Dr. Flor Magday, Asst. Director of DepEd NCR (telephone no. 9275405) and after a circuitous and frustrating explanation, she finally clarified that I could get a copy of the application for tuition fee increase of the private school where my youngest child is studying.  

I'm going to do that on Monday, May 4.

Dr. Magday also informed me that they are asking the private school why only very few parents attended the so-called consultation meeting.  The simple reason for that, I told her, was that the school did not invite the vast majority of the parents. 

Do you have a similar experience in these so-called "consultations" on tuition fee increases where nobody seems to get invited?  Paki-share naman po.  You can post your comments here or email me at rollyocampo@yahoo.com.

Please pray that God upholds right and sustains the truth in this battle for the future of our children.

Please stay tuned.


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