Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Star City Rollercoaster Rider "Rina" Denies Her Handbag Caused the Zyklon Loop to Get Stuck, 21 September 2009

22 September 2009

A rider whom GMA News simply named as "Rina" claims that her handbag is not the reason why the Zyklon Loop at Star City got stuck yesterday.

GMA News interview "Rina" and she showed on cam her handbag and umbrella insisting that her belongings inside the handbag would have been crushed had it been run over by the rollercoaster.

The lesson learned here is that getting in on these rides has its risks and both rider and operator have their own share of responsibilities in making sure that the ride would be safe and exciting instead of being traumatic and dangerous.  Of course, it is the operator, Star City, who has the primary duty of ensuring that its rides are not only exciting but safe as well.  

As usual, after the incident, the Pasay City engineer's office has inspected the Zyklon Loop and made the necessary safety recommendations. 

More on this story in these reports courtesy of GMANews.tv:

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