Sunday, September 6, 2009

Superferry 9 With 847 Passengers, 117 Crew Members Sinks Off Zamboanga del Norte Killing 3 People, 2 Passing Ships Avert Greater Disaster, Sep 6 2009

6 September 2009  

In the latest Philippine sea tragedy, Superferry 9 owned by the Aboitiz Transport Group sunk early this morning off the western coast of the Zamboanga peninsula killing 3 people.  The superferry was carrying 847 passengers and 117 crew members. The ship reportedly listed for hours for still unexplained reasons before it finally went down into the sea.  Those several hours gave rescuers from passing ships the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy and Aboitiz Shipping Lines enough time to evacuate most of the ship's passengers and crew to safety.  

From JV Francisco's report and the ABS-CBN article below, those passing ships were the MV Myriad and the MV Ocean Integrity.  The ABS-CBN article said:
More than 500 passengers are now onboard onsite rescue vessels PN117, MV Ocean Integrity and MV Myriad, an advisory issued by the Aboitiz Transport System (ATS) said.
Clearly, this tragedy would have been far worse were it not for these two passing "mercy ships."

These articles provide more information on this latest sea mishap:

More on this story in this GMA News flash report by Mark Salazar and JV Francisco:



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