Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bureau of Immigration Employee Shot Dead Inside His Garage, Assailants Got Away By Taking His Ford Expedition

27 June 2009

A Bureau of Immigration employee was shot dead inside his garage in his house in Barangay Bahay Toro at Project 8, Quezon City at around 1:40am today.

The victim, Douglas Duane Lim, 34, was aboard his Ford Expedition as he approached his house and must have alit from the vehicle after parking it inside the garage when the gunmen fired on him. 

His father, Dr. Diampo Lim, said that they were awakened by the sound of the approaching vehicle and the ensuing gunfire and that he did not even hear his son cry out for help. The assailants took the victim's Ford Expedition with plate no. XCS 568 when they left the crime scene.  In their haste to get away, the Ford Expedition bumped into a Toyota Camry parked in the innermost portion of the victim's garage.

The guard on duty said that he did not see any vehicle entering the village other than the victim's Ford Expedition. By the time it returned from Lim's house, the assailants were already the ones driving it. The guard noticed the vehicle leaving at a fast speed but said he did not notice if the rear window of the Ford Expedition was shattered.  

The victim was rushed to the Capitol Medical Center where he later died because of multiple gunshot wounds.

More on this story in this report by Ian Cruz for QTV's Balitanghali courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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