Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, 2009 — Atty. Manuel Jimenez II Will Not Attend Today's Prelim Investigation of Ruby Rose Murder at DOJ Saying He's Not Received Any Subpoena

26 June 2009

The DOJ will start today the preliminary investigation into the gruesome murder of the Ruby Rose Barrameda.  In spite of this, the lawyer for the Jimenez family, Atty. Mario Aguinaldo said that his client, Atty. Manuel Jimenez II, will not attend today's hearing claiming they have not received any subpoena.

More on this story in this One-on-One with Igan between Atty. Mario Aguinaldo and Arnold Clavio, courtesy of GMANews.tv: 

Also, in this Arnold Clavio interview with Rochelle Barrameda, older sister of Ruby Rose:

It is not known whether star witness Manuel Montero who pinpointed to police and the Barrameda family the location of Ruby Rose's body will appear in today's preliminary investigation.  Rochelle expressed full confidence in the reliability of witness Montero in establishing the culpability of the suspects in this case. 

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