Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50 — The King of Pop Michael Jackson is Dead! The World Mourns the Passing of the Ultimate Music Icon

26 June 2009

The King of Pop Michael Jackson is dead at age 50 due to a sudden cardiac arrest.  The ultimate music icon has passed away.  The greatest musical genius of our generation is gone. 

The greatest loss to music has just happened.  Michael's passing creates a void that will never be filled in a way that Elvis Presley's shocking death in 1977 orphaned an entire generation.

I'm watching CNN and a police officer in the LA Police Department robbery/homicide section has just spoken to reporters (8:55am Manila time). "The LA County Coroner's Office has taken possession of Michael's body," the officer said.   

"Robbery homicide was assigned because of the high profile nature of this case. Don't read anything into my team's being here," he added.

Larry has just talked with Michael Jackson fan Celine Dion who related how she was Larry King is now talking with Cher who adores Michael Jackson.  They're showing the Jackson 5 singing and dancing with Cher in her show, "Cher."  At that time, Michael, probably 16, was still sporting his afro hairdo. The year must be either 1975 or 1976. "He was so beautiful and adorable," Cher said.  

"I can't stop crying over the sad loss," said Madonna in a statement read by Larry King (9:21am, Manila time),

Speaking of Farrah Fawcett, Cher is now talking about how exceptionally strong Farrah Fawcett has been, the original Charlie's Angels star who has died of cancer. Cher paid tribute to Farrah's exceptional beauty and arresting effect on people when she shared how her crew turned their complete attention to Farrah when she guested on the Cher and Sony show and she could just exclaim, "My God, this girl is so beautiful, I'm so jealous!"

On May 13, I posted this article on Michael Jackson's comeback concerts in London starting on July 8, Courtney Hazlett of MSNBC Says It's a "Go" for Michael Jackson's Comeback 2009 on July 8 in London.  

Goodbye, Michael, your memory and your music will live with us forever.

26 June 2009

These are ABS-CBN video report via kyte.tv:

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