Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dondon Lanuza, Pinoy OFW on Death Row in Saudi Arabia, Renews His Urgent Appeal for Help, for His Wife and Kids, for Himself

20 June 2009

Jailed OFW Dondon Lanuza who is in death row in Saudi Arabia is renewing his call for help for his wife and kids and himself.  I posted this article, Join the Global Bayanihan to Save the Life and Help the Family of Jailed OFW Dondon Lanuza, on April 27, 2009.

This is the urgent email message I received from him yesterday through Facebook pleading for financial help so his kids could continue going to school (please click on the image to enlarge):

It's the same message  he  sent to my Facebook account:

Here's where we can make our deposits for Dondon's family back here in the Philippines (I just copied it from the text of his messages above): 

Meribeth A. Lanuza
RCBC Main Branch (Ayala, Makati)
Bank Account # 1965223971

Let's act on Dondon's request.  While we pray and make appeals for his eventual release, those of us who are able to do so should help his family financially so his kids can continue going to school.  It's  the least we can do to help a brother who is in the most extreme of need.  

As Dondon stares death in the face, let's ease his concerns for his family so he can devote whatever energy he has left to secure his release.  Huwag po nating pabayaan si Dondon Lanuza at ang kanyang pamilya.  Aside from God's grace and His mercy, the love of his countrymen is Dondon's last remaining hope.


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