Friday, June 26, 2009

Ruby Rose Barrameda Murder Witness Manuel Montero Surfaces in Preliminary Hearing at the DOJ, Says Lope Jimenez Wanted Ruby Rose Raped, June 26, 2009

26 June 2009

The man who revived the Ruby Rose Barrameda case by leading police authorities to the location of the body of the slain mother of two surfaced in today's preliminary investigation of the sensational murder case.  

Witness Manuel Montero, sporting long hair and wearing a cap, white polo shirt and maong pants, the bespectacled star witness subscribed to his affidavit before the DOJ panel. 

The suspects in this case were not present during the hearing but Atty. Mario Aguinaldo, lawyer of Atty. Manuel Jimenez II, asked for 20 days to submit their counter-affidavit to the DOJ.  The next hearing of the case is set for July 13.

More on this story in this flash report by Lala Roque courtesy of GMANews.tv:

26 June 2009 7:20pm

In TV Patrol a few minutes ago, Manuel Montero reportedly alleged in his supplemental affidavit that suspect Lope Jimenez wanted Ruby Rose Barrameda to be raped but that he (Montero) intervened thus sparing the victim from a worse fate. This allegation further enraged Rochelle Barrameda considering the monumentally brutal murder of her younger sister.

I'll post the video report here as soon as it's posted at kyte.tv.



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  1. this is regarding ruby rose barrameda's fatal fate. . . . . WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND
    heaven's justice grinds slowly but surely.
    Heaven knows who killed ruby rose
    and maybe its that justice calling now that few good men in our society to take their stand to end this heinous crimes


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