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UFC 99 Live Blog - Cheick Congo vs Cain Velasquez — Velasquez Beats, Dominates Congo via Unanimous Decision — Rich Franklin Beats Vanderlei Silva

14 June 2009

It's 1:52 remaining in the first round of their heavyweight match and Cain Velasquez is still pounding Cheick Congo.  1:24 Congo stood up but Velasquez lifted him and threw him back to the ground.  Earlier, Congo rocked Velasquez with two hard rights but the tough Mexican recovered to punish Congo on the ground.  Velasquez nearly had a rear naked choke against Congo in the ground.

2nd round
Fighters have exchanged hits, they're now wrestling, Congo down again, 4:01 remaining. Congo covering on his back while Velasquez knees and pounds him, 3:41.  Now, Congo is near the fence, 3:14 and he's allowing Velasquez to dominate him.  Could be that Congo has lost steam this early? Velasquez is punishing him with repeated short rights to the face, 2:20, he stood up and was taken up again.  

2:02 They're in  the middle of the ring and Congo's still getting battered.  1:45 Congo is on his back and Velasquez knees him again on his side.  0:45 Knees to the body by Velasquez and short jabs to the face.  It looks like the short notice to prepare for the fight has placed Congo at a disadvantage here. They're showing the portion earlier in the round when Congo caught Velasquez with a hard right and the Mexican went down again.  But after that, it's all Velasquez punishing Congo on the ground.

Round 3
4:32 Congo takes down Velasquez but right away, Velasquez is on top of Congo, 4:14.  Left jabs to the face of Congo by Velasquez; Congo's just resting on his back, 3:45. 2:59 Congo is on the face absorbing a relentless ground and pound by Velasquez.  This is not the Cheick Congo that we expected. 2:16 Congo's up starting to knee Velasquez.  1:59 Congo rocks Velasquez but he's now on the ground away, on hi back.  Velasquez has Congo in a Salaverri mount.  1:01 full mount now and the ground and pound against Congo continues.  0:36 Against a full mount, Congo can just flail his arms but he took a grievous beating right down to the buzzer.

Cain Velasquez wins this one. But it gives us a distinct impression of his weakness, a questionable chin, or maybe, I'd say, poor defense or carelessness against counterpunching.  

If he wants to go farther in his career, Velasquez, maybe, should get some defensive lessons from Lyoto Machida, the acknowledged master of mixed martial arts evasive counterplay. 

MAIN EVENT - UFC 99 from Cologne, Germany
Rich Franlin vs Vanderlei Silva
Catchweight Bout (194 lbs.)

12:35pm Manila time
The fighters are being introduced by Bruce Buffer.  Mario Yamazaki is the referee.

Round 1
4:18 No contact yet between the fighters.  Rich with a left, 3:54.  3:22 left, right swing by Silva. Left, right by Franklin, followed by a hook by Silva. High kick by Vanderlei, 2:31. No real damage in any of these shots. Take down by Vanderlei. 2:11 after a hit by Franklin.  1:54 Franklin on his back, full guard.  Good shots from the top by Vanderlei. 0:52 they stand up. Now .43, Silva is on his back in the fence.  They're up again, Silva's back to the fence, back in the middle of the ring, exchange of punches. 

Round 2
Kicks, counter kick by the fighters. 4:15.  Left followed by a kick by Franklin.  3:28 left by Silva. Exchange of blows, 3:06.  Vanderlei goes down, 2:54.  Knee to the body by Franklin, 2:22.  Glancing right by Vanderlei.  Body kick by Franklin, 1:26. Good right by Vanderlei.  Another right, 0:57.  Vanderlei goes down. The fight's picked up pace.  Left by Franklin. 

Round 3
Left by Franklin.  Kick by Silva, 4:20. Left by Franklin, 4:10. Left by Franklin, 3:29. Kick to the body, a little low by Franklin.  Vanderlei urging the crowd to cheer.  Right jab by Franklin. Vanderlei is the aggressor now. 0:45 Vanderlei Silva's scored some hits.  0:24 now Vanderlei is on his back.  The fight finishes with Vanderlei raining elbows from his back while Franklin punches him on the face.

Rich Franklin wins over Vanderlei Silva by unanimous decision.


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