Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well-Loved Talent Manager Douglas Quijano, Mr. Amity, Found Dead in His House in Lucban, Quezon

13 June 2009

One of the Philippine showbiz industry's most-loved personalities, Douglas Quijano, is dead. He is 64.  Quijano was found dead on his bed in his house in Lucban, Quezon around 10am today.  The industry is set to mourn Tito Dougs' unexpected passing.  It was suspected that he died of heart attack.  Lucy Torres-Gomez said that Tito Dougs was a diabetic. 

I learned about it watching StarTalk this afternoon from the conversation and reminiscing of Butch Francisco, Ricky Lo, Lolit Solis and Joey De Leon.  

Lolit paid tribute to her mentor Douglas Quijano, saying she owes him a lot and that he was the person who got Lolit Solis into showbusiness.  

Lolit related how people called Douglas as Mr. Amity — saying that if you get into a quarrel with Douglas, it is most surely your fault — while she (Lolit) is called Miss Amityville.  "Horror" added Joey De Leon.

Here are reports from GMA 7 courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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