Monday, June 1, 2009

Maria Sharapova Leads Na Li, 6-4, 1-0 at French Open 2009, Live Blog

1 June 2009

Maria Sharapova is playing Na Li of China at the French Open in Roland Garros.  I pick up the action in the second set, Sharapova leading 6-4, 0-1.  Sharapova is playing with her right shoulder still bandaged and taped.

Sharapova serving, 30-40. Deuce.  Advantage Li after Sharapova doublee-faults. Li breaks Sharapova's serve after a long return  by the Russian.  Li leads the second set, 2-0. 

Li serving, game 3. Unforced error by Sharapova, wide return, 30-0. 40-0.  40-15, 40-30, a wide return by Li... Li wins game 3; leads the second set 3-0.

Sharapova serving, game 4.  Double-fault by Sharapova, 0-15.  It's Sharapova's 6th double fault of the game.  Long return by Sharapova, 0-30. Good forehand winner by Sharapova, 15-30. Weak return by Sharapova, ball hitting the net, 15-40.  30-40, ace by Sharapova.  Unforced error by Sharapova, ball hitting the net.  Li wins the 4th game, second set, leads 4-0.

Li serving, game 5.  15-15, errors on both sides.  Another forehand winner by Sharapova, 15-30. Forehand winner by Li driving the ball deep to the right side, 30-30. Error by Sharapova, 40-30.  Long return by Sharapova; Li wins game 5, leads the second set, 5-0.

This game appears headed for a deciding third set.

Sharapova serving game 6, second set.  Sharapova misses a volley, 0-15.  Forehand winner by Li, 0-30... another unforced error by Sharapova, it's now 15-40.  Yet another unforced error, a long return by Sharapova.  Li wins game 6 and the second set, 6-0.

The game's now tied, 1 set apiece.

Third set
Game 1

Li serving, 0-40.  Li wins game 1; leads 4th set, 1-0.  

Sharapova serving, 30-0.  Wide return by Sharapova, 30-15. Unforced error by Sharapova, 30-30. It's now, 40-30.  Deuce.  Advantage Sharapova after a long return by Li following a volley by Sharapova.  Another long return by Li; Sharapova wins game 2, ties the third set, 1 all.

Li serving, game 3. A long forehand return by Sharapova, 15-0. Another unforced error by Sharapova, a short return, 30-0. It's now 30-15.  Error by Li after a lob shot by Sharapova, 30-30.  A rally won by Li after Sharapova's lob shot falls short, 40-30. Li wins after a long return by Sharapova of a Li first serve.  Li leads the third set, 2-1.

Sharapova serving. Forehand winner by Li, 0-15. Long return by Li, 15-15.  "Sharapova's not gonna give up.  She's going to keep fighting," says the lady commentator.  Shades of Sharapova of old, Li, long return, 30-15. Long return by Li again near the line, 40-15. Short return by Sharapova, 40-30. Deuce, short return by Sharapova.  Advantage Sharapova after an unforced error by Li. Backhand winner by Sharapova; she wins game 4, ties the third set 2 all.  The crowd cheers Sharapova.

Li serving, game 5.  Forehand winner by Sharapova, 0-15. Long cross-court forehand by Sharapova, 15-15.  Wide return by Sharapova, 30-15. Long cross-court return by Sharapova, 40-15.  Another error by Sharapova.  Li wins game 5; leads the third set 3-2.

Sharapova serving, game 6.  Forehand winner by Li deep to the right side of the court, 0-15.  Li misses a Sharapova serve, 15-15. Sharapova double-faults, 15-30... the score's now 15-40.  Long return by Li at the end of a rally, 30-40. Li wins game 6; leads the third set 4-2.

Li serving, game 7.  15-0, wide cross-court return by Sharapova... the score's now 15-15.  Long return by Li, 15-30. Easy forehand winner by Li, 30-30.  Short return by Li, 30-40. Forehand winner by Sharapova wins her game 7; Li still leads the third set 4-3.

Sharapova's thighs are being massaged as she sits on her bench; she;s now drinking water. She's now preparing to serve.

Sharapova serving, game 8. Wide return by Li, 15-0.  Long return by Li again, 30-0. Great forehand winner by Sharapova, 40-0. A drop shot by Li is beyond reach by Sharapova who did make an effort to reach it, 40-15.  Sharapova wins game 8; ties the third set at 4 all.

Li serving, game 9. 15-15. 15-30, wide return by Sharapova. Good forehand winner by Sharapova returning Li's serve, 30-30. Long return by Li, 30-40. Wide return by Li; Sharapova wins game 9, takes 5-4 lead in the third set.

Sharapova serving for the match
Wide return by Li, 15-0. Long cross-court return by Sharapova, 15-15. Ace by Sharapova, questioned by Li, point goes to Sharapova, 30-15.  Wide cross-court return by Sharapova, 30-30... Sharapova's won the match, 6-4, 0-6, 6-4. She smiles, waves to the crowd, then throws them a kiss.  Sharapova's level of play is still way, way below her best but she's definitely back!


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