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Eric Chua Interview with Kris Aquino, Part 1, Showbiz News Ngayon, SNN, June 8, 2009 — Transcript

9 June 2009

Kris Aquino’s interview with Eric Chua promises to be, so far, the most thorough interview he’s going to give on the issue of Hayden Kho’s sex videos. Part 1 of the  interview began last night.

 Here is the transcript of the interview (I just missed a few seconds of it in the beginning):   

Kris:  Ilan ang negosyo mo?

Eric:  Just one.

Kris:  But how many branches?

Eric:  15.

Kris:  Wow …15 branches of … what is it?

Eric:  It’s a retail ... retail sales.

Kris:  Ng?

Eric: computer parts …

Kris:  Ok. 

Eric:  Pc to desktop.

Kris:  Ok, nabalitaan ko din na gano’n ka  ka-successful na you’re one of the top distributors in the Philippines at naparangalan ka raw? Tutoo ‘yon?

Eric:  Opo.

Kris:  All those 15 departments … ba o ikaw lang?

Eric:  Ako lang po.

Kris: How long na yung relationship ninyo?

Eric:  A year and two months.

Kris:  Where did you meet?

Eric:  In Manila.

Kris:  Party circuit?

Eric: Yeah, party circuit.

Kris: Dun mo ba na-meet si Hayden?  Dun sa party circuit na ‘yan, hindi?

Eric: Nakilala ko po si Hayden kay Bistek. Nung year 2002.

Kris:  Nung 2008 nangyari yung gulo … six years mo siyang ano.

Eric: Yeah, yun.

Kris: By that … madalas kayong magtawagan? So you would say that you are a sincere friend to him?

Eric:  Yes, I was very sincere.

Kris: How long has Bistek been your friend?

Eric: I met Bistek around year 1997.  That’s when I entered college. … batchmates kami pero sa Xavier po ako nag high school siya sa Ateneo.  

Kris:  And then?

Eric : … pagkatapos nung nag-college na ‘ko sa Ateneo, ah … siya naman sa UST …

Kris: How did you get to know Dra. Vicki Belo?

Eric:  Through Hayden.

Kris: Ok, so, naging maging friend mo rin siya?

Eric:  No.

Kris:  Ano?

Eric:  More like acquaintance.

Voice over:  Dito sa SNN, … unang ide-detalye … nang buong-buo ni Eric kung paano nila unang nalaman ang tungkol sa mga sex videos ng kaibigan.

Kris:  How did you know that those videos existed?

Eric: Nakwento po niya.  Tapos may … at least sa 'kin isang beses pa lang niya pinakita. May isa siyang pinakitaan sa isang pagkakataon. Pero hindi naman matagal, parang pinasilip niya lang.

Kris: So konti … snippets of it.  Can you say which one that was… yung siya ang nagpakita sa inyo?

Eric:  Out of respect to the women in those recordings…

Kris:  … is it one of those three that you are aware of ?

Eric:  Yes.

Kris:  So hindi na … you stopped?  After … parang a few seconds lang?

Eric:  Yeah, two of those that came out sa Internet … I had no idea that he had those video...

Kris:  Two …of those that came out …?

Eric:  Because he showed me one right?

Kris:  Yes.

Kris:  And the other two, hindi mo alam?  Uso ba sa inyong mga magbabakarda nagvi-video ng sexual acts?

Eric:  Ay, hindi po.

Kris:  No?

Erick:  No.

Kris: So did you ask him why?  Hayden, ba’t mo kinukunan ‘to?

Eric:  Ah … I didn’t ask him … kasi …

Kris:  Na ano?

Kris:  That’s his thing.

Kris:  That that's his thing. Kasi di ba parang sabi n’yo… Nabanggit na pino-flaunt, pinag-uusapan. Usapang lasing ba ‘yon o usapang normal … yung pag pinagyayabang n’yo..?

Eric: Yung time na ‘yon parang nakainom siya nang konti.  He just showed it.

Kris: How?

Eric:  Ah … camcorder.

Kris:  Sa camcorder mo napanood yung sinabi ni Hayden, hindi sa laptop?

Eric:  Hindi po.

Kris:  Pero ipinasilip na ganun? 

Eric:  Opo.

Kris:  Why?!

Eric:  I really don’t know because … siguro baka pagyayabang lang niya.

Kris:  Anong reaction mo?

Eric:  Na curious lang ako. 

Kris:  And then?

Eric: Sinilip ko tapos umalis na ko.

Kris:  Ilan kayong nandun?

Eric:  Marami po kami.

Kris:  What’s marami? Isang dosena?

Eric:  More or less.

Kris:  The only reason I’m asking kung ilan kayo at that point is because … it widens the net. … na parang ang daming may alam that those existed. Anyone of you could have been the one … di ba?  Kung, if we’re going into … knowledge … kung sinong may alam na meron …

Eric:  Opo.

Kris:  Yun lang.  So parang ... pero tumingin kayong lahat … yun na yon.

Eric:  Opo.

Kris:  And then?

Eric:  Ayaw niya nang ipakita…siguro naaawa siya dun sa girl …

* End of this portion of the interview with Erick Chua.

* Teaser Questions for Part 2

Kris:  Pa’no ka na-involve?  Pa’no na-involve si Bistek?

Kris:  Diretsong tanong. Did you make a copy for yourself?

Kris:  Do you believe that it was Dra. Vicki Belo or anybody close to her na sila ang responsible sa pagpapakalat ng video na ‘to?

* End of Teaser 

* Start of chikahan between Kris and co-host Boy Abunda.

Kris: First impression Boy?  Kasi you didn’t meet him, you’re watching him there now.

Boy:  Hindi ako makahinga!

Kris:  Bakit?

Kris:  Ah … first impression is … he was a bit nervous …

Kris:  Of course.

Boy:  Not necessarily because of the story … but Krissie, you were doing the interview … unsettled. 

Kris:  Ok.

Boy:  I mean, let’s me very honest, it’s not very easy to face Kris Aquino in an interview.  But ah ... he was sticking to the story.

Kris:  Diretso yung mga sagot eh.  Lalaking-lalaking sumagot …yun yong impression ko.

Kris:  But coming from two people na nanggaling sa Ateneo, hindi ka ba na-bilib na Management Engineering ang tinapos?  Ako talaga, wow!

Boy:  Ako sobra … dahil ah, Business Management nga ako, mga kaibigan, hindi ko maipasa eh Management Engineering pa kaya.

Kris:  Aha ha ha ha ha.

Boy:  Hindi! Tutoo 'yan... Mga Atenista po alam nila ...

Kris:  Kasi may Business Management Honors.  Tapos may Business Management, hindi mo kinaya ‘yon? 

Boy:  Hindi.

Kris:  O, pero Management Engineering kinaya.

Boy:  Eric, maraming salamat sa tiwala, and ah ...

Kris:  Tomorrow the full details ... 

Boy:  Astoria Plaza, maraming salamat.

Kris:  Oh yes, I'm sorry, thank you very much. Tomorrow … the full details, how did they get close?

Boy:  Ikaw ano’ng first impression mo the first time you saw him?

Kris: Well, bagong ligo siya.

Boy:  Ah, ok.

Kris:  Aha ha ha … Hindi kasi, nakiligo siya dun sa suite …

Boy:   Alright. Sa Astoria!

Kris:  Yes, oh!  Kasi dun siya nanggaling … he played ball … basketball. 

Boy:  Alright. 

Kris:  He wanted to be fresh so nakiligo siya dun. Tapos nakabantay parang may isang bodyguard at dalawang lawyer na kasama. Sabi ko, ‘Nakiligo ka dito?’  ‘Yeah!’  ‘Oh, yun.  Oh, ok!’

Boy:  Mga kaibigan, nangangahulugan lamang sa napakatagal na panahon po ang daming boses ang aming narinig na may kinalaman sa sex video scandal … ngayon ito ‘yong exhaustive … ito yung medyo thorough, in-depth na mga interviews ni …

Kris:  Of course, na mahaba, talagang getting to know you… at mabibilib ka Boy kasi ang ganda ng katawan.

Boy:  Ah! Ok!

Kris:  Hindi, hindi. Not that I saw him without shorts, ha!

Kris:  No, no,  no, no, no … hindi! 

Boy:  Baka naman …

Kris: Utang na loob po.  Baka naman isipin n’yo … nakabihis na siya pero alam mo talagang maalaga sa katawan at nagwo-workout.  Why am I emphasizing that?  Because nagtanong ako sa kaniya tungkol sa droga … kung gumagamit siya o kung nagtutulak siya … pero ‘pag ganun kagandang katawan, alam mong physically fit  at talagang maalaga sa katawan.  So abangan n’yo po the rest and,   yung mga … siya yung naglipat di ba?  So natanong ko talaga sa kaniya kung sino yung iba mga babae, kung meron pa ba … abangan n'yo!

Boy:  In other words, wala kang pinalampas na tanong?

Part 2 of this interview will be shown tonight at SNN.


11 June 2009, 12:10pm

Here's Part 1 of the Kris Aquino - Eric Chua SNN interview via youtube:


  1. Eric Chua. Intelligent and witty! I was medyo kilig for both of you when you were interviwing him. Bagay kayo ( Super!).Yeah, He's appealingly handsome! and fit?! He seems very nice... and composes himself very well. I hope he's innocent!
    Too late krizzie, me big James ka na. And baby James is a real blessing!

  2. Can you greet me on air? Thanks! Your being you, really, is entertaining.


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