Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lolit Solis Dares Hayden Kho Camp — "Dine-dare ko Sila, Bakit Hindi Nila Ilabas Yung Buong Tape ... Wala Naman Akong Itinatago!"

7 June 2009

Talent manager and talk show host Lolit Solis yesterday dared those responsible for circulating the audiotape of her May 21 meeting with several people which reportedly included Dr. Hayden Kho, Mrs. Irene Kho, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, two of her law associates as well as PR man Reli German, on May 21 to release the entire audiotape instead of simply circulating what she referred to as a "spliced" version. 

The challenge was made by Lolit Solis in this article on philstar.com as well as in yesterday's Startalk TV show in GMA 7.  In making her challenge, Solis says she has nothing to hide.  Asked what she thought the motive was behind the act of circulating the tape, Solis said that the apparent motive was to destroy her credibility. "Para sirain yung credibility ko ... kasi may demolition job, eh."

Atty. Lorna Kapunan, meanwhile, flatly denied that the lawyers were behind the circulation of the tape saying that the would be a violation of their oath of lawyer-client privilege.  

After admitting that her associates made a recording of the meeting in order to assist themseves in preparing the affidavit for Dr. Hayden Kho, Atty. Lorna Kapunan should have volunteered to conduct her own investigation as to who was responsible for the tape leakage and to make public her findings.  

If you have in your possession and safekeeping some sensitive, confidential material and that material or part of it subsequently becomes public knowledge, wouldn't it indicate, at the very least, negligence on your part?  

Here's the StarTalk interview with Manay Lolit Solis:

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