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Manny Pacquiao Is #57 in Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100, Angelina Jolie Dislodges Oprah from the Top Spot, US President Barack Obama Is at #49

5 June 2009

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the Philippines' Pambansang Kamao, lands the #57 spot in the prestigious Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100.

                                         Source: forbes.com

Angelina Jolie topped the field with live-in partner Brad Pitt landing at #9 narrowly edged out by his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston who is at #8.  Last year's no. 1 Oprah trailed Jolie in second, followed by Madonna in third and Beyonce in fourth spot. Who says women can't rule the world?!  

Oprah has topped the Celebrity 100 list three times — in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Tom Cruise broke her run in 2006. All-time basketball great Michael Jordan was the Celebrity 100's debut top placer in 1999.  MJ is at #18 in this year's list followed by 2009 NBA MVP LeBron James. 

The most powerful man in the world, US President Barack Obama, who led the Web rank, Presss rank and TV rank, had to settle for position #49 behind actor George Clooney and just eight positions ahead of Manny Pacquiao. Obama's measly earnings of $2M did him in! Well, that's the limitation of power! 

Controversial American Idol judge Simon Cowell is at #25, well ahead of AI host Ryan Seacrest who is at #44 sandwiched between recently-retired The Tonight Show host Jay Leno (#43) and the star of Leaving Las Vegas, Nicholas Cage (#45). 

Manny Pacquiao's 57th place ranking put him ahead of Boston Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett (#62) and a bevy of women's tennis aces Serena Williams (#67), Maria Sharapova (#76), Venus Williams (#77) and Ana Ivanovic (#90).

The top 10 in the Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100 list are:
1   Angelina Jolie
2  Oprah Winfrey
3  Madonna
4  Beyonce Knowles
5  Tiger Woods
6  Bruce Springsteen
7  Steven Spielberg
8  Jennifer Aniston
9  Brad Pitt
10 Kobe Bryant

Below is the complete Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100 list from forbes.com:

RankNamePay ($mil)Web RankPress RankTV Rank
1Angelina Jolie27353
2Oprah Winfrey275482
4Beyonce Knowles8722016
5Tiger Woods1105444
6Bruce Springsteen70321925
7Steven Spielberg150482648
8Jennifer Aniston2563021
9Brad Pitt281176
10Kobe Bryant45531015
11Will Smith45371817
12Dr. Phil McGraw80745510
13Britney Spears35101611
14David Letterman4535369
16Adam Sandler55254344
17Harrison Ford65134875
18Michael Jordan45193339
19LeBron James40581527
20Tom Cruise33331319
21Bon Jovi50205750
22Donald Trump50574726
23Rush Limbaugh54804522
24George Lucas170716585
25Simon Cowell75629740
RankNamePay ($mil)Web RankPress RankTV Rank
26Stephenie Meyer50314282
27Roger Federer3356320
28David Beckham4263959
29Miley Cyrus255297
30Tyler Perry75847355
31Kenny Chesney65797541
33Clint Eastwood35412343
34Howard Stern70618672
35Sean (Diddy) Combs3084428
36Phil Mickelson40971423
37Jerry Seinfeld85838271
38Dave Matthews Band65677474
39Tom Hanks35294646
40Ellen DeGeneres35395636
41Eddie Murphy40236663
42Rascal Flatts60788061
43Jay Leno3273325
44Ryan Seacrest38148149
45Nicolas Cage40425169
46Kanye West2573137
48George Clooney25282229
49Barack Obama2111
5050 Cent2022212

RankNamePay ($mil)Web RankPress RankTV Rank
51Brian Grazer/Ron Howard45755869
52Kimi Raikkonen457628100
53Jerry Bruckheimer1001009595
54Chris Rock42656762
56Jim Carrey30405051
57Manny Pacquiao40555980
58Sarah Jessica Parker27214960
59Toby Keith52938765
60Jonas Brothers25683413
61James Patterson60968398
62Kevin Garnett30873538
63Jeff Gordon30914030
64Meryl Streep24522131
65Larry David55989393
66Derek Jeter30854152
67Serena Williams17441218
68Stephen King30496089
69Taylor Swift18465442
70Daniel Radcliffe25178587
71Reese Witherspoon15245256
72Gisele Bundchen25279185
73Cameron Diaz20166276
74Nicole Kidman9472435
75Carrie Underwood14386832

RankNamePay ($mil)Web RankPress RankTV Rank
76Maria Sharapova22157881
77Venus Williams15862524
78Heidi Klum16506158
79Rachael Ray15437634
80David Copperfield30889691
81Glenn Beck23598954
82Katherine Heigl18188879
83Jon Stewart14665333
84Jeff Dunham30959897
85Anne Hathaway7263953
86Tina Fey7457914
87Drew Barrymore12516368
88Charlie Sheen21728464
89Eva Longoria Parker9346966
90Ana Ivanovic10822783
91Alec Baldwin8696445
92Sandra Bullock17609094
93Steve Carell20819995
94Hugh Laurie10707284
95Wolfgang Puck18999477
96Penn & Teller209410092
97Kate Moss8923888
98Mariska Hargitay8906966
99Jennifer Love Hewitt6369290
100Danica Patrick7777778

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