Monday, June 1, 2009

There Should Be No Whitewash or Extreme Leniency in the Philippine Medical Association's Investigation of Dr. Hayden Kho

1 June 2009

Watching tonight's 24 Oras report on the Philippine Medical Association's investigation of the sex video scandal involving Dr. Hayden Kho, I got the impression that the PMA would be going easy, all of a sudden, on the embattled doctor.  

This is the video report filed mid-afternoon at GMAnews.tv.  It is not the same report that I saw about 40 minutes ago:

To give the public the impression that Dr. Hayden Kho would be allowed to easily retain his medical license because he would be rendering service to the public on medical missions is a slap in the face of the Filipino people. The least that the PMA can do is to recommend suspension of Dr. Kho's license indefinitely. 

If Hayden Kho would still want to go on medical missions after that, that is his choice, but he should not appear as a fully-licensed doctor but as somebody who will have to slowly work his way towards the mainstream of civilized society.  

And how sure is the PMA that Dr. Hayden Kho will escape a prison sentence after all the public admissions of guilt that he has made?  

Any further pronouncements coming from the PMA should be seriously studied lest it destroy its own credibility before the Filipino public. Any impressions of a whitewash are simply unacceptable. 
I'll post the 24 Oras video clip once they post it at GMAnews.tv.  

2 June 2009  12:23am
We now have the 24 Oras video clip with Steve Dailisan reporting, courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

"... Tila may pagbabago sa kanilang tono," says Steve Dailisan in his report, referring to the attitude of the PMA's ethics committee towards Dr. Hayden Kho.

Dr. Santiago Del Rosario, Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the PMA says, "There is too much presumption in a ... in a ... determining or labeling the actions of Dr. Kho as violative of the Code of Ethics of the medical profession."  

Hindi po maganda ang tunog ng salitang "presumption" na sinasabi ni Dr. Del Rosario dahil mismong si Dr. Hayden Kho naman po ang umamin ng kanyang mga ginawang paglabag sa karapatan ng ibang tao at ng mga panuntunan ng kanyang propesyon.  "Admissions" po siguro ang mas angkop na salita.

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