Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrew Stevens of CNN Is Covering the National Day of Celebration for Manny Pacquiao in Manila

11 May 2009    8:27am

CNN's Kristie Lou Stout has just finished a telephone conversation with Andrew Stevens who is reporting about the Pacman motorcade in Manila and the National Day of Celebration for Manny Pacquiao.  Kristie asked Andrew about what he thought of Manny Pacquiao and Andrew answered by saying something to the effect that, "Manny is just that. He's somebody who comes across as a humble and straightforward man." Somebody who came from a very poor background but has high ambitions for himself and his family.  The is the link to the video clip showing Andrew interviewing Manny for CNN:

A little while before that, GMA-7 covered Manny's visit to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Compound in Quezon City. It has been customary for Manny Pacquiao to have his victory parade coordinated by one of his foremost supporters, DENR Secretary Lito Atienza, who used to be Mayor of Manila.

A few moments ago, Adrian Ayalin of ABS-CBN reported that the motorcade for Manny Pacquiao which will take him to various areas in Quezon City, Manila and Makati has already started.   

Below are video clips from GMAnews.tv showing preparations for the Manny Pacquiao motorcade.  

In the first report by Steve Dailisan, Manny Pacquiao is shown at Channel 7's TV Program SOP saying jokingly that in his next fight, because of the controversy triggered by Martin Nievera's rendition of Lupang Hinirang that he'll be the one to sing the national anthem "Kakanta muna 'ko naka barong ako, pagkatapos ng kanta ko time out muna." This prompted laughter from the audience including Regine Velasquez.  Manny continued, "Sakali ako ang kumanta, malay n'yo, naka-gloves na 'ko tapos kumakanta ako dun, 'Bayang Magiliw ...' Wala naman sa batas yung ang boksingero kakanta."  To which SOP hosts Janno Gibbs and Ogie Alcasid replied, "Wala, wala!"

More on Manny Pacquiao when I return.


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