Thursday, May 14, 2009

Delay in the NBI's Release of Its Trina Investigation Findings Beginning to Hurt Its Image of Credibility, Competence and Independence

14 May 2009

Delays in the NBI's release of the results of its investigations in the Trina shooting case have begun to tarnish its image of credibility, competence and independence in the eyes of the Failon family, the media and the public in general. This is the NBI's fault since it made the public believe that its report would have been out by now but so far, it has come up with nothing.   

In the video report below, there is a statement of Kaye Failon (I have grown accustomed to calling her using Ted's screen surname) wherein she said, "It's been 27 days since my mother passed away and until now me, my father, along with the rest of the immediate family haven't begun to grieve because of the investigation surrounding my mother's death."

Kaye continued, "At a time when our family should be spending private moments with each other, helping each other cope and finally move on, we instead spend our time cooperating with the NBI."

This statement by Kaye is now markedly removed from her earlier initial assessment of the NBI in this post, Kaye Failon Thanks NBI for their Professionalism as Ted Failon Answers Probers Questions.

This ABS-CBN video report discusses in more detail the basis for the growing impatience with the NBI:

These video clips from GMAnews.tv show earlier developments in the case:

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The statements attributed to DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzales to the effect that "Ted Failon is not yet off the hook," has not made the NBI's job any easier. 

After all, how many subordinates would be eager to disprove the word of their boss who, up to now, apparently conjures in his mind images of a guilty Ted Failon in spite of the massive absence of evidence with which to pin him down? Proof beyond reasonable doubt is the quantum of proof required to convict in a criminal charge. Even the shadow of that proof is no longer available to the NBI — negative paraffin tests, two top forensic experts saying it was most probably a suicide, negative gunpowder residue in Ted Failon's clothes, video clip submitted by the Failon family showing that Trina was ambidextrous indicating she was probably capable of firing a gun using not only her left hand, but also her right hand.  

The earlier the NBI releases its report, the better it will be for all of us.

We need Ted Failon back in his radio and TV posts where he serves our country best and his children back safely with the thought that, without their mother, there is this entire nation ready to rally to their cause once more whenever unexpected aggravation and difficulties abound.       

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