Saturday, May 30, 2009

Katrina Halili Files Libel Charges Against Mrs. Irene Kho

29 May 2009
Actress Katrina Halili, assisted by her lawyers, filed libel charges against Mrs. Irene Kho, mother of Dr. Hayden Kho, who is now the central figure in the Philippines' brewing sex videos scandal.

The libel charges stemmed from accusations made by Mrs. Irene Kho in her interview, aired several days ago on national TV via ABS-CBN, that it was Katrina Halili who pushed Dr. Hayden Kho into using drugs.

This is the video report of Katrina Halili's filing of libel charges against Mrs. Irene Kho, courtesy of GMAnews.tv:.

It will be recalled during Thursday's Senate hearing that both Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili stuck to their original versions of the drug angle of the controversy. Hayden insisted that it was Katrina who first introduced him to the drug known as Ecstasy in 2007 and was the one supplying him with drugs. Katrina denied the accusation.

But Hayden was adamant saying that he knew and could name Katrina's friends who were the ones buying drugs for her.

Hayden admitted that he eventually bought drugs for himself. Near the end of the Senate hearing, however, even when pressed by Senator Jamby Madrigal, Hayden refused to name the person who was supplying him with drugs saying that that person was so powerful and so well-connected that he could have him killed anytime.

This "high-profile" personality, according to Senator Madrigal, is believed to be the same person who bought the sex videos for P2 million from Erik Chua and Mark Herbert "Bistek" Rosario and had it distributed via the pirate video mass market.

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