Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lolit Solis Reacts to Accusations by Mrs. Irene Kho — "Tuwang-Tuwa Ako Na Lumabas Siya sa TV!"

26 May 2009

My head is still spinning from all the charges and counter-charges that are flying in all directions as a result of the brewing Hayden Kho sex videos scandal.

In this GMA-7 exclusive, Igan Arnold Clavio interviews Manay Lolit Solis by telephone on the issue.  Lolit Solis, who is not known for holding back when engaged in controversies is still her usual bubbly self but I can see that she's quite composed and relaxed (by Lolit Solis standards, I mean) when tackling the issues.  

Here is the video clip courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

Lolit Solis did make this statement at one point in the interview:

"Kung talagang sabi niya ... binibigyan ng drugs ni Katrina 'yung anak niya na isang doktor, aba, eh hindi na nga ako nagtataka Arnold na nabalita noon na may namatay na pasyente sa kamay ni Dr. Hayden," said Lolit Solis.

"Habang nagla-lipo?" asked Igan Arnold Clavio.

"Oo," Di ba, eh kung nagdo-droga siya, ganu'n nga ang mangyayari," added Lolit Solis.

Regarding the alleged patient's death mentioned by Lolit Solis, so as to present this in a balanced light, here's a PEP article dated May 23, 2008 entitled Dr. Hayden Kho disputes rumor about patient's death. 

Said article made reference to a May 6, 2008 blog post entitled "Reviving Rumors (re-written) written by Hayden himself in his Multiply account, Hayden's Haven, wherein the now embattled doctor is quoted as saying:
They finally had an autopsy done and it cemented the fact that her death is indeed unrelated to surgery. The Philippine Medical Association had also investigated the case and released a statement.  The demise is due to Status Asthmaticus, and not related to surgery.

With that, my name has been cleared and the family finally quit blaming me and the other doctors who handled the patient's case.
More on this when I return.

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