Monday, May 25, 2009

Mrs. Irene Kho, Hayden Kho's Mom, Lashes Back Against Senator Bong Revilla, Lolit Solis and Katrina Halili

25 May 2009

Mrs. Irene Kho, Hayden Kho's mom, has come out in public expressing her anger over the brewing sex video scandal involving her son and several women including actress Katrina Halili.

These are the notes I took of her comments and allegations, addressed to Senator Bong Revilla, talent manager Lolit Solis and actress Katrina Halili, as aired over ABS-CBN's TV Patrol and just a few minutes ago, at Bandila.

Senator Bong Revilla

“Ang sakit mo magsalita! Para bang wala na ‘kong ginawang mabuti”

“Ang anak ko ay hindi ganu’n.”

Lolit Solis

Pagkatapos ng birthday ng anak ko, pinakumbida ka sa isang bahay.

Miss Solis, kumanta ka na!

Ang ginawa mo kay Katrina Halili ay ini-script mo … kung paano iiyak …

Kailangan umiyak ka … ipakita mo sa taumbayan …

Orchestrated ni Miss Lolit Solis ang reaction ni Katrina sa scandal.

Katrina Halili

Miss Katrina Halili, nabili na yang arte mo. .. Ikaw ang naglulong sa anak ko sa droga …

Anong klase kang babae?

This is the video from ABS-CBN via kyte.tv (I hope the embed code works now):

Senator Bong Revilla's reaction:

In response, a half-amused and half-bewildered Senator Bong Revilla could only say, "Parang ni-rape pa ni Katrina si Hayden …"


  1. masasabi ko lang,mrs kho you just caused much trouble.you just proved that, all things about hayden are true.and where is his roots.NOW WE KNOW.

  2. Yeah, his mama apparently didn't know that much about her son. It's funny really. The more she opens her mouth, the more her son looks like a mental nut case.

  3. At anong klaseng babae si Katrina Halili? Nagpakatanga lang po sya at nagmahal ng isang manyakis.

  4. Drugs? the decision to take it is still Hayden's. What he did was wrong in terms of not asking permission from the girls. What a bad time to be caught, a time when politicians need to grandstand.

  5. Drugs ang dahilan ba't ginawa niyang magvideo sa kanila ni Katrina Halili? E anong alibi naman ang sabihin niya sa ginawa ng anak niya sa ibang mga babae? Now we know, where Hayden's genes came from..

  6. ang ganda nung poon sa likod ng Mommy ni Hayden..ginagamit yata nila yun kapag Holy Week

  7. I feel sorry for what happened to my collegue. I am a doctor too.


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