Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senator Bong Revilla Expresses Desire to Have Dr. Hayden Kho's Medical License Revoked in Today's Senate Privilege Speech, May 19, 2009


19 May 2009

You've read the title, now here's the privilege speech from Senator Ramong "Bong" Revilla, Jr. direct from the Senate website:

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What can I say?  The Senator from Cavite has said it all!  Hooray to Senator Bong Revilla!


  1. Pakialamero yan senador na yan! sarili nyang buhay di nya ayusin...the nerve to call someone a pervert! samantalang sarili nyang issues at MGA babae...take note! MGA babae, di maubos ubos! and for a fact na may asawa na siyang tao nagkakanak pa sa iba. haha, why doesn't he try to look at himself in the mirror before he starts to point fingers para magpatangal ng license ng doktor. eh kung ganun pala ang lagay eh di pwede na rin magpatangal ng senador kasi marami rin sa kanila ang immoral! ang pinagkaiba lang hindi pa sila nahuhuli on video pero may mga illegitimate children!

  2. Suddenly, Bong became active in the Senate! Utot niya! The privilege speech was OK, but the one who delivered it is not. Bong Revilla wants this 'doctor' to have his license revoked for being a pervert. If perversity can cause such consequences then Revilla should not be in his seat in the Senate right now. Bong is a womanizer and it seems that he is unaware that the public already knows about his mistresses and sexcapades. I really doubt his intention of doing this, knowing that he is seeking re-election in 2010.

    Sa mga OFWs jan, the taxes that are being paid by your families here in the Philippines are just pocketed by the likes of this Senator. Naku pa-upo upo lang sa Senado o Kongreso pero kumikita na parang business. Recession ngayon at mahirap na, kailangan na ng mga kerida ni Kongresman ng allowance. Halina't magpadala na kayo ng pera dito sa Pinas ha?

  3. papansin at epal lang ang masasabi kong ginagawa ni bong...he does not have the right to talk about someone else's mistakes or judge this doctor in particular because he himself does not respect women...to the point of denying his own children sired from his mistresses!

    the doctor's actions was wrong, and it is something that deserves punishment pero nakakainis at nakakairita that revoking a license punishment suggestion is coming from a well known womanizer este senator pala. but why use the issue to make yourself popular? is it because of the upcoming elections? marami naman ibang topic na mas importante kaysa dyan sa mga chismis na walang kwenta. maybe this senator is just stupid and can't talk about anything else except showbiz news which I think is his only field of expertise!

    Oh, one more thing...sex video ba talaga yun pinagkakaguluhan or is it just a dancing intimately video? lol , funny that they make a big deal out of this samantalang marami pa mas malala at malalaswang videos out there.

  4. I guess we should look at the positive aspects of this issue.

    The first question that comes to mind is how many Senators do we have? I just looked at the Senators' roll of the 14th Congress and there are 23 of them. Of the 23, four are women.

    As you yourself said, "the privilege speech was OK, but the one who delivered it is not."

    If among the 23 senators, 22 who are supposedly qualified to deliver the speech did not bother to deliver such a speech, does it mean the last remaining senator, Senator Revilla, whom you believe, PERHAPS correctly, is not qualified to deliver it, should not have delivered it because he was not qualified?

    If the 22 qualified do not do their job, I believe the one (1) unqualified should at least be given some credit for doing the job of the 22 who are supposedly more qualified than him.

    This kind of a situation poses a challenge to some of our more learned senators who do not even bother to make their sentiments known to the people who voted them into office.

    If you drop the ball that is for you to shoot, then somebody else might pick it up, shoot it and score the point.

    Regardless of motive, I believe we should be thankful that an issue like this is presented before the Filipino public to reflect on, discuss, learn from and improve upon.

    Nobody has the monopoly of virtue here, including, I guess, those of us who discuss these things. The important thing is for us as a people to learn the vital lessons and move on.

    Thanks a lot and God bless.

  5. Good day! Avid fan mo ang aking anak na lalake nagsimula syang maging fan mo nung 4 yrs. old pa lang sya kaya ngat ang tawag pa nya sayo ay Bongabilya ...Ngayon ay 15 yrs old na sya... gusto rin nyang maging kagaya mo.

  6. i choose him because i believe that bong has a good intension to manage our country as a senator...i choose him as a senator because i know that he can do the best thing in our country to emproved.i know that bong can do anything in our country for a good things not a bad things.i believe of him not just he is an actres but of his opportunity to be came a senator of philippines.i choose him because i see that he is a good leader and for a succesful of our country.

  7. I think it is a great effort for the senator, he is clearly trying to implement health into the town.

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