Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, Katrina Halili Goes to PDEA But Did Not Undergo Drug Test, Hayden and Irene Kho, No-Shows

29 May 2009

Katrina Halili went to the PDEA this morning but did not undergo any drug test. Meanwhile, Hayden Kho and his mother, Mrs. Irene Kho, to show up completely at the PDEA. They were reportedly concerned about their security. In short, none of the expected drug tests happened today.

Here is the video report courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

The reason given by Atty. Mamyrlito Tan for the postponement of Katrina Halili's drug test is to give way to the filing of libel charges against Mrs. Irene Kho. I find this difficult to understand. I believe there might be some other reason why the drug test did not take place.

Earlier tonight, I saw ABS-CBN's Showbiz News Ngayon's (SNN) report wherein it was said that the PDEA will use hair samples for the drug test. If you will recall during yesterday's Senate hearing, Dr. Hayden Kho pointed out that drug testing using hair samples is far more effective because traces of drugs remain in the hair for about six (6) years. When asked if they had such drug testing capability, I remember the PDEA representative saying they did not and that hair samples would need to be sent abroad. It's now turning out that that is apparently not true.

I remember seeing last year a documentary wherein a case of poisoning in the United States was uncovered by forensic experts using tests conducted on the victim's hair samples. The tests showed traces of the toxic substance used to poison the victim. A bottle of the toxic substance used was among the items seized from the perpetrator who turned out to be the victim's spouse.

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