Monday, May 11, 2009

It's About Time Computer Engineering Graduates in the Philippines Get to Sit for a Professional Licensure Exam and Be Called "Engineer!" Now Na!

11 May 2009

Since we're into the thick of discussion about changing things for the better in our society, why not a professional licensure examinations for our Computer Engineering graduates? Why should you study for an engineering course for five years and not have the chance to sit for a board exam that will give you the chance to be called "Engineer" later on and have the title "Engr." prepended to your name?

I am aware of the existence of industry certifications which can be very helpful but some of these certifications need to be periodically renewed or updated or else they may be lost.  It will be a sign of respect to people who spent precious time and money in serious study and training in IT and computers if they'll have the chance to get a corresponding professional title for it as well.     

Hindi po ito mangyayari kung walang mag-uumpisa.

I'd say it's about time!  What do you think?!  Please leave your comments here or email me at rollyocampo@yahoo.com.


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  1. I think it's about time I should actually be the 3rd batch of computer engineering graduate if it wasn't that overpopulated way back 1986 which I ended finishing Civil engineering. Back then it was hard for the COe graduates to find job you need to be really smart and I don't know how good is the curriculum now but I agree with you 5 years is too long so if should be regulated although having engineer attached to your name doesn't secure you a job but nonetheless it would uplift the quality of the profession.
    Have a nice day Rolly.


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