Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Even As Malacañang Objects, SWS Survey Says 14 Million Filipinos Have No Jobs

12 May 2009

Malacañang is saying it's not true but a recent survey by the Social Weather Station (SWS) says that the unemployment rate reached 34.2% in February 2009.  This translates to 14 million Filipinos — one of the largest armies of unemployed anywhere in the world.  

In the face of Malacañang's protestations, Jay Sandoval of SWS defended their survey saying it is "scientific."

If the Labor Day Jobapalooza '09 is any measure, there really is a huge army of unemployed in the Philippines.  And no amount of job fairs is going to solve our unemployment problems.  

The solution?  We need an honest-to-goodness discussion of labor issues in a forum accessible to ordinary Filipinos. Greater understanding of any problem is needed 

I propose the holding of a citizens economic summit, say, Citizens Economic Summit 2009 which will be organized with the help of ordinary Filipinos like us.  This will become an annual event. 

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  1. why is it that malacañang is always in denial. they don't need surveys to see that so many Filipinos are unemployed or underemployed.


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