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David Archuleta and David Cook Interviewed by Pia Guanio for 24 Oras — Read the Transcript, See the Video

16 May 2009   3:28am, Manila time

Pia Guanio, host of the Chika Minute segment for 24 Oras interviewed David Cook and David Archuleta a few hours ago at the Edsa Shangri-la.  I ran the video over and over for the past several hours or so to bring you this transcript of that interview (there are some segments that I found difficult to transcribe ... sorry for any possible errors, I'll go over the transcript again after a few hours' sleep then correct whatever errors there are):


Chika Minute …

Pia          :  Mga kapuso, nandito tayo ngayon sa Edsa Shangrila Hotel at kasama natin walang iba kundi sina David Cook at David Archuleta ng American Idol Season 7.  For David A, as promised, I have the mangoes here for you … and for David C, since you said you wanted to try them, this is balut and I’m just gonna put it right here… when you’re ready, have some for yourself. Anyway good evening to you guys.  Welcome to Veinte Cuatro Oras.  Aside from the food, how are you guys liking the Philippines so far?

David A :  Ah, it’s great!

David C  :  Yeah, I think for me it’s been … it’s really an experience … to come up out of Idol and then go on Idol tour and now we’re doing a college tour back home to take a break from that and come half-way around the world to a beautiful country of the Philippines and be greeted the way we have…it’s really an absolute blast.

Pia        :  Were you shocked at all by the reception you got?

David A:  Yeah, I mean it’s like, you know, wherever you go .. it’s like, it’s like the same response ‘coz like you know wherever there’s like a group of fans and know that you’re going to arrive there … they get excited  but here, it’s like … just, you’re in a casual setting and people recognize you and get excited and stop,  it’s really interested.

Pia          :  Well, the Philippines is really big on American Idol, so thus the reception.  But I was just a bit concerned because you guys have been giving back-to-back interviews and doing back-to-back guestings… how do you guys take care of  your voice?  For you David, do you have … David C … do you have any rituals?

David C :   For me, I just … I really had to kinda take stock of  the existing things I was doing before Idol you know … I used to drink a ton of soda … and I had to really cut back on my Coke and stuff like that  it’s just like tea and coffee and water ah, which just helps a lot and yeah, ... passed that  … I’ve never been so strained vocally before but I imagine if I weren’t taking care of myself … this strain will …

Pia          :  I know David, that … David A that you had … you suffered from partial vocal loss at some point. 

David A :  Oh yeah, yeah.

Pia         :  How did that happen?

David A:  … Am, you know, It’s pretty interesting … I just got really sick one time and …  was sick for a few months …I’d never got better … and ah, I was singing and ah … like when I sing, I could barely get to one song … and it’s just what’s going on here … and it kept getting worse and worse and worse… and oh, like, I don’t know what’s going on here … so I went to the doctor and they put the scope … and then they said oh yes …  like, oh, ... what’s that?!

Pia      :  And what did he tell you to do?

David A:  You can have surgery which was risky or you could just do voice therapy and see if  that works and what.  Okay,  What?!  I was just worried … shocked … and I was like… what does it mean for singing … I mean I love singing … I don’t get what paralyzed vocal cords gonna affect… you know, how that’s gonna affect it … but you know, just kinda like … things kinda fall down for a couple of years after that … and you know, went back to school and do normal things … had a summer job, went to the American Idol … auditions came up … and … I wasn’t really expecting anything to happen… Ok, I’ll go audition I guess and then everything else happened… so, it’s really amazing.

Pia         :  And from the way your career’s been going I think it’s safe to say that you’re totally been without that right now.

David A:  Yeah!

Pia        :  Good for you!  

David A:  Yeah!  I mean, you know, it’s really amazing to see that, you know … despite the things that happen to you and you know, the challenges that come up … if you really have a passion to do … something… that you can manage to work things out… to accomplish those things.

Pia        :  And with all your commitments and all your gig and show, do you guys still have time to go on  dates at all?  Nobody’s even mentioned this.

David C :  I’ll let you go first. 

David A:  Me first? My life’s not been exciting in that area but .. when we’re home, I don’t know … I didn’t go out one on one.  But you know it’s fun … maybe I should go on one when I go back home.  I don’t really go on serious dates that are like … uh, intense or anything.  It’s a fun … to know the person … I don’t know … it’s really casual, light, fun… fun … I like that fun on dates.

Pia        :  For you, David?

David C:  I’m ah … I’m married to my job… so dating … dating seems … impossible, yeah. I think you know when things settle down maybe I’d like to but … right now I enjoy playing music.

Pia       :  It’s gonna have to wait.

David A:  … Yeah, it’s hard to focus on that … when it’s like, you know, thatt’s a pretty big commitment … and you have so many other commitments you’re focused on right now … it’s just a lot … it’s not the right timing.

Pia        :  Everyone’s so glued on American Idol Season 8 right now … well, since the first season actually, and, uh, they wanted to know how does it feel to be before the AI judges … Simon Cowell, for instance? (Laughter from both Davids)

David C:  Ah … I could think of a lot of things … a lot of terrible bad things that I would rather do… (laughter from Pia and David A) and ah … singing in front of the judges like that again.  You know it’s really one of the most gratifying experiences … to be a part of … but at the same time … it was, I mean, all the stress … pressure cooker situation …  the viewers see? that’s exactly what’s going on …  I have to do that every week.  I hope I don’t fall over myself.  I just remember the finale … I think I told you … ‘I don’t really care who wins …  I just want to go to bed.’  Ah … it’s … it’s stressful … that’s the word I can use to describe it.

Pia      :  How about you?

David A:  Oh, well, it was … when we went back to singing on the show  like after you know we’re done … just like singing as an artist and stuff  like … welcome back, a few weeks ago, that was a lot more nerve-wracking to me because it’s like … I wasn’t prepared to like,  see the  judges there in that table and have all those memories flood back into my mind… oh it’s like … oh, my gosh … this is where I got judged every week by so many people … those judges … it’s just weird you know getting … getting from that, what to do … it’s so much fun … and then get judged and critiqued after each performance … it’s really scary so I can’t get that out of my mind… I was so … I just really felt it in front of those judges … it’s just … see their faces … it’s just like, I don’t know what they’re thinking, it’s just scary .. Especially Simon, because his expression never really changes … whether it’s good or bad.

Pia      :  Oh I think this is proof of what strong stuff you guys are made of… you not only went through the whole experience but you totally wowed everyone…

David A:  Oh, thank you.

David C:  Thank you.

Pia      :  Well, it’s been great talking to you guys… the second time around.  You wanna invite the viewers out there to come watch your show tomorrow?

David C:  Yeah!  Where are we looking?  … Right here?  Everybody make sure you come out … Alright here!  We’re gonna go right here instead.  Make sure everybody comes out … at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds .. Mr. Archuleta and myself will be performing … making a lot of noise, having a lot of fun.  Maybe we can talk him into dancing (pointing at David A).

David A:  I don’t know if you want to see that …

David C:  See you guys there tomorrow night.

Pia       :  Thank you very much … David Cook, David Archuleta.  Two Davids and good luck on your show tomorrow… Don’t you want to practice your Tagalog? 

David A:  Ah, yeah! Well, I mean …

Pia        :  Salamat.

David A:   I’ve found a greater way of saying that because … I feel like there’s so much more thanks to give to everyone here, but ...

Pia        :  And don’t forget your goodies. 

David A:  Oh, yeah, yeah!

Pia        :  Good luck on your show tomorrow. 

David A:  Thank you very much …

Pia       :  Maraming, maraming salamat po. Have a great weekend everyone.  Ako po si Pia Guanio and this has been Chika Minute.

Here's the video clip courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

Tonight, the Big Night is finally here!

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