Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Katrina Halili's Lawyer Atty. Raymund Palad Dares Dr. Hayden Kho and Mrs. Irene Kho to Submit to Drug Test with Katrina Halili

27 May 2009

Responding to allegations by Mrs. Irene Kho that it was actress Katrina Halili who supplied Hayden Kho with drugs and pushed him to become addicted, Atty. Raymund Palad, Halili's lawyer, has thrown the challenge to Hayden Kho and his mom to likewise submit themselves to a drug test together with the actress.

Atty. Palad received yesterday a subpoena from the PDEA for her client Katrina Halili to attend the investigation of the drug allegations.  Also subpoenaed to attend Friday's hearing at the PDEA are Dr. Hayden Kho and mom Irene Kho.

This is the video clip of the TV Patrol report via kyte.tv:

This controversy now moves one notch higher, from trading accusations to brinkmanship. 

The revelations and accusations by Mrs. Irene Kho have only served to harden each camp's positions and given other agencies of government such as the PDEA more than enough reason to enter the fray. 

We can only hope that the telling of the truth is enhanced in the process, that the necessary lessons are learned by all of us and that our nation comes out stronger because, and in spite of, this painful communal experience.       


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