Monday, May 11, 2009

Maria Ressa Brings Great Credibility to ABS-CBN's "Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo" But How Will She Handle a Case Similar to That Faced by Cheche Lazaro?

11 May 2009

Maria Ressa is a respected voice in journalism, not just here but around the world.  I have only the highest regard for her and her presence at the helm of ABS-CBN's Current Affairs lends a powerful voice to the Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula initiative. 

But does everyone in ABS-CBN see things the way she does?  For example, will Ms. Ressa herself listen to and air the appeal of somebody like me who's having problem with the way the DepEd is curtailing the rights of parents when they oppose tuition fee increases?  I guess this is a deviation from the topic of the election but right on target when it comes to the issue of individual persons pushing small, incremental changes in our society. I once was interviewed (two years ago) by an ABS-CBN reporter on the issue of tuition fee only to be told later that my story could not be aired because I was "alone" in pursuing the issue.  I hope Ms. Ressa has a different viewpoint. 

To get back on track, given the simple concept of Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo as stated by Ms. Ressa:   
The idea for Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo was simple: get the people to care and to take action.  It’s people power with new technology!  If you see something wrong or something good, tell us about it.  If you see someone trying to buy the votes, snap a picture on your cellphone and send it to us.  If you see a town mayor using public vehicles for his campaign, shoot video with your cellphone and send it to us.  If you see violence, tell us about it, and after a verification process, we will put it to air.  Two months into the 4-month campaign, we received reports from the provinces that Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo helped level the playing field where incumbents were running after we ran a story with the cellphone picture of city resources used for campaigns.  So cellphones became effective weapons!
how will ABS-CBN defend people who participate in Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula in the event that legal charges, say, illegal wiretapping, are filed against them by the people they are covering? 

I have to ask this question because Cheche Lazaro of ABS-CBN is actually facing such a situation now with the illegal wiretapping case filed against her by an official of GSIS concerning her coverage of Manila school teachers. Ms. Lazaro's case is more compelling because she appears to be the only person facing charges now after charges against ABS-CBN executives were dropped by the public prosecutor who handled the case.

My personal position on this matter is that citizen journalism through the use of cellphones and other similar devices to expose wrongdoing and deter abuse should be afforded legal protection by our laws. What is ABS-CBN's strategy to deal with this matter considering that we still have in place a strict anti-wiretapping law?

I know Maria Ressa has an answer and I hope she shares it with me ... with all of us. I have my own answer as I'm sure you have yours and I hope she's interested to hear from me ... from all of us.  My email address is rollyocampo@yahoo.com. 

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