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Live Blog of Senate Hearing, Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili Video Scandal May 28, 2009

28 May 2009   3:05pm

The Senate hearing on the Hayden Kho sex videos scandal, for want of a better term, has been on the air over ANC for about half an hour now.

3:04pm Senators Estrada and Revilla decide to hold a public hearing. As Chair, Senator Madrigal said he has to honor the decision of the majority.

3:07pm There is now an ongoing argument between Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Atty. Lorna Kapunan as to who is making a threat.  Atty. Lorna Kapunan had been quoted by Senator Madrigal earlier that they would walk out if the hearing is not done in executive session.  Atty. Kapunan said she was not making a threat and that it was Senator Jinggoy Estrada who was making a threat.

3:08pm "I never threatened anybody.  Did I threaten you personally?" Senator Jinggoy asks Atty. Lorna Kapunan.

3:09pm "I demand the presence of Atty. Kho in this hearing," says Senator Jinggoy.  Applause from the audience.  Senator Jinggoy Estrada asks that the Senate sergeant-at-arms "bring the body of Hayden Kho to the session."

3:13pm Atty. Kapunan apologizes to Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

3:15pm Atty. Kapunan asks for a two-minute leave to confer with her client, Dr. Hayden Kho. Senator Madrigal gives assurance that the rights of Dr. Hayden Kho will be fully respected by the committee.

3:16pm Senator Jinggoy Estrada accepts the apology of Atty. Kapunan.

3:18pm Senator Bong Revilla is now delivering his opening statement. The statement is strong asking for punishment for those responsible for the abuses on women and refers to Hayden Kho by name.

3:22pm Senator Madrigal speaking ...

3:22pm DSWD representative speaking ... commends the Madrigal committee for its work in protecting the rights of women and children.

3:23pm Commissioner Cardona of the Commission on Human Rights now speaking ... commends Katrina Halili for her courage.  

3:26pm  Commissioner Timoteo speaking ... 

3:28pm  Senator Madrigal says something about her Committee having heard every bill ...

3:29pm Hayden Kho wearing a white long-sleeves shirt, enters the session hall and sits beside his lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan.  He looks relaxed and composed.

3:30pm A PNP official is speaking ...

3:31pm  Senator Madrigal says the Senate has passed the law on cybercrime while Congress which is more interested with Cha-Cha has not done so after six months.  She implores the Congress to pass the bill.

3:32pm  NBI Director Mantaring now speaking. Director Mantaring informs the Committee that the NBI expects to finish its investigation by "next week."

3:34pm  Atty. Rosendo Meneses of the OMB now speaking ... 

3:35pm  Senator Madrigal tells Atty. Meneses that "we are not here to be lectured."  She then asks what the OMB has to say, "Paano nakalusot sa inyo 'to?  Pa'no na-distribute nang hindi ninyo nalaman."

3:36pm  Atty. Meneses 

3:36pm  "Have you confiscated all the discs of this video?" Senator Madrigal.  "Yes," answers Atty. Meneses.

3:37pm  ASEC Santiago of PDEA now speaking.  Assures the Committee of PDEA's full coooperation.

3:38pm  Katrina Halili, wearing a green T-shirt and looking distraught, enters the room.

3:38pm  A shout and then, "Arrest that man!" Somebody wearing a red shirt was taken by Senate guards out of the room apparently for dousing water over.

3:40pm  The man has been identified by Gen. Balajadia as former policeman named "Afuang."

3:41pm  Senator Madrigal orders the man identified "Afuang" arrested.     

3:41pm  Atty. Kapunan asking Senator Madrigal as to how to protect his client against instances such as just what happened.

3:42pm Senator Jinggoy asks the persons seated behind the resource persons to move to the other side and only the Senate guards will occupy the area.

3:46pm ASec Santiago resumes his statement.  He belies impressions that there is generalization that media personalities are on drugs. 

3:47pm  Senator Madrigal asks "best-dressed man" Atty. Tamano to give his statement but before that, another attorney was given the chance to speak.

3:48pm  Atty. Tamano speaking.  Expresses regret that Dr. Vicki Belo could not attend ... by June 9th, his client would be willing to attend.

3:49pm  Atty. Tamano now reading the affidavit of Dr. Vicki Belo ...

1.  Vicki Belo break up with Hayden Kho.
2.  Knew about sex video with Hayden Kho.
3.  On Dec. 9, 2008, Belo asked Hayden's friends, Erik Chua and Bistek Rosario to retrieve the computers and hard drives which were issued to Hayden ... where he may have stored a copy of Vicki - Hayden sex video.
4.  They ... took the computers ...  these did not contain the video they were looking for. 
5.  Hard disk protected by password.
6.  Eric volunteered to find a computer expert who can break the password.
7.  Eric with computer expert broke the password.
8.  Eric gave Vicki a DVD.  "Here, my gift to you."
9.  Eric violated instructions to delete the video.
10. To her chagrin, Dr. Belo discovered that the DVD contained videos of Hayden having sex with other women including Miss Katrina Halili.   
11. Vicki destroyed the DVD.
12.  Mention is made of Mr. Omar Sortijas 

3:54pm Who is Omar Sortijas?  She is someone connected with Miss Katrina Halili.

3:55pm  Oath now being administered to Dr. Hayden Kho.

3:57pm  Katrina Halili now reading her prepared statement.  "Pakiramdam ko po marami pong nagmamahal sa akin... Upang maitindig ang sarili ko mula sa pambababoy na ginawa sa 'kin ni Dr. Hayden Kho... Minahal ko po si Hayden ... para isiping ako lang ang nagmamay-ari ng puso niya."

3:59pm  Katrina, "... imbes na doktor, direktor pala... Hangad ko po ang hustisya ... Gusto ko po siyang matanggalan ng lisensiya... Gusto ko rin po siyang makulong at magdusa sa kasalanan niya... Sa kultura po natin, habambuhay na latay sa pagkatao ko ang ginawa sa 'kin."

4:01pm Katrina, "... may hangganan po ang katangahan ... ilalaban ko po ang aking karapatang mabuhay nang marangal ..."  (By the time she finished, Katrina was crying ... sheer courage from a young woman who is facing the challenge of a lifetime)

4:03pm Senator Jinggoy speaking to Hayden Kho ... the're now talking for more than a minute and everything is unintelligible, must have problem with the microphone.

4:05pm  How old are you?  29

When did you start taking drugs?  August 2007

Only Ecstasy?  Yes.

Who is your source?

Who influenced you in taking drugs.  Si Katrina Halili po.

August 22, 2007 I did a lipo of Katrina.

Katrina asked me to go to Holiday Inn.

There were other people there taking drugs.

That was in 2007?  August 2007.

It was dark basang-basa yung room.  Weird.

I ended up leaving.

So we left na po.

First time, walang sex na nangyari.

We met first Belo Clinic.

After no'n, she kept on texting.

She invited me again to Holiday Inn the week after.

Pinaalis niya si Nimfa, naiwan kaming dalawa.

She asked me to take drugs.

Dalawa daw .  Ayoko.

Finally pumayag ako isa lang.

Sabi niya dalawa, pag isa walang epekto yan.

The result the video with bandana.

Drugs and sex ... drugs and sex

Nagcontinue gano'ng relationship hanggang December 2007.  Last time we saw each other New Year 2008.

4:10pm  Senator Jinggoy asks Katrina to respond.

Hindi po tutoo.  Last week po ng July 2007, nagpa-lipo po ako sa kanya.

Doctor-patient relationship, text text kami.

Matagal niya na kong crush.  Yung jologs na notebook.

Anong ibig sabihin ng jologs, asks Senator Jinggoy (Laughter).

Meron daw po siyang dalawang babae na gusto niyang makadate.  Ako at si Angelina Jolie.

Binola nya po ako, matagal na daw niya kong crush.

Pinanood niya sa kin yung video na binati ko siya nang hindi ko siya kilala.

"Hindi po ako nagdra-drugs," says Katrina.

Ayaw niya pong magpakita sa mga tao.

Pinapalabas niya po ako na nilandi ko siya.  Pinakilala ko siya sa pamilya ko.

4:14pm  Senator Jinggoy asks Hayden if he was still able to set up the video equipment while he was "high" on drugs.

4:16pm "I can name the people who buy drugs for Katrina," says Hayden.

Senator Madrigal, "There is information that the person who bought the videos have something to do with drugs."

"Ganon ba ka-powerful itong tao na ito na nagbabanta sa buhay ninyo?"

"He knows the generals who can have me killed anytime," answers Hayden.
4:19pm  "Dr. Hayden Kho, anong pakiramdam mo ngayon?" asks Senator Bong Revilla.

"Shame, guilt." Hayden.

"Naniniwala ka na ikaw ay dapat parusahan."  Opo.

4:19pm They're now talking about the reasons for making the sex videos.

4:24pm "Marami sa 'kin nakakapagkwento na yung mga video na kinukunan mo sa mga kaibigan mo."  Hayden denies thisl.

4:25pm  Ano'ng nararamdaman mo ngayong nasa harap mo si Dr. Hayden Kho?
4:25pm Galit po.

4:26pm Kapal ng mukha mo.  Nakakatingin ka pa ng ganyan.  Outburst by Katrina Halili.

4:27pm Senator Madrigal calls one minute suspension.  Katrina's comment ordered stricken off the record.  Katrina now crying, covering her face with a handkerchief.

4:28pm Senator Revilla asks the DSWD representative if they have statistics about child and women victims of exploitation.  The DSWD explains their projects.

4:30pm  "Kayo pa ba ni Dra. Vicki Belo."  Hindi po.

4:30pm  "Meron ba kayong sex video?" Opo.
4:30pm  "Ano'ng dahilan kung bakit kumalat ang mga videos?"  May I narrate, Sir?  Yes.

4:31pm  "I was being unfaithful to Dr. Belo .. part of that is recording and keeping videos." 

"August 2007,  I began taking drugs with Miss Katrina Halili.  Dec 2007 naghiwalay kami ni Katrina, nawala nang drugs."

"Something tragic happened to me February 2008, I got into depression, knowing the effects that Ecstasy had on me, I started buying my own ... iba-ibang babae .. I became reckless."

".. pati yung girlfriend ng kabarkada ... Dec 2008 Las Vegas po ako, sinabi na po nung ... sinumbong na po nung girlfriend ng barkada ko na may nangyari na sa min ... Manila Dec 9, 2008, kinausap po ako ng isa kong kaibigan ... apat kaming barkada ... Erick Chua, Bistek at saka ako ... since alam na po ng barkada ... yung isang hindi ko pinangalanan ... tinatanong niya ko kung bakit nagawa ko yung pagtataksil ... pinakialaman mo yung girlfriend niya ... alam ko po si Erik at Bistek nandun na po sa bahay ni Vicki Belo ... sige na bumalik ka na sa bahay mo ..."

Sino nag-utos na kunin ang hard drive?

"Is it true that it was Dr. Vicki Belo na nagbigay ng susi?"  Opo.

"Yung hard drive ko nakuha ... ang ginawa ko tinake ko tatlong Ecstasy tapos bumili po ako ng Valium 30 tinuluyan ko na po sarili ko para magpatiwakal ... nakalabas po ako Dec 23 ... nagpasko po ako sa bahay ... tapos nung January po, first week of January, I think, magkasama po kami ni Dra. Belo ... naglabas na siya ng sama ng loob ... tinawagan ko si Bistek ... sinigawan ko si Bistek .. tumawag si Erik Chua ... dahah-dahan ka sa pagkilos mo ... may hawak kaming videos mo ... magingat ka.  Tinanong ko po si Dr. Belo, tinanong ko po yung nangyari sa hard drive ko at yan na po yung nakalagay sa affidavit."

"sino nagpalabas nito?"

"Hindi ko po alam."

"Bakit di mo masabi?"

"Magpa-file ka ng kaso sa mga taong ito?"

"Pwede mong sabihin kung sino suspetsa mo?," asks Senator Madrigal.

"It's either Erik Chua or Bistek."

"Between the two, mas inclined po ako isa dun sa kanila."

"Nung ginawa mo yung video, may consent ba yung mga babae."

"Minsan po meron, minsan po wala."

"Yung video mo with Katrina?  May permission?"

Yung first, the camera was right infront.

Yung second, the camera was infront of her.

Yung third, she talking right infront of the camera, "She said, I'm peeking."

Yung fourth, wala po siyang, "Alam."

Katrina clarified that the first three videos where she had consent were not sex videos.

4:44pm  "Was Dr. Vicki Belo on drugs in your video," asks Senator Estrada.  "Hindi po."

4:45pm "I became dependent on drugs po," said Hayden.

4:49pm "Maski kailan hindi ka nag-droga?" asks Senator Madrigal.  "Hindi po."

4:50pm  "Starting March 2008, I started buying my own drugs."

4:51pm "Yung pong drugs, it stays in the bloodstream for months but it stays in the hair for years."

4:51pm  "I challenge Katrina Halili to a drug test," says Hayden.

4:51pm  "We're not here to challenge people, please apologize."

4:52pm  "We have information that Erik Chua and Bistek Rosario pinagbili nila yung video sa isang malaking tao na may kinalaman sa drugs,"  says Senator Madrigal.

4:53pm  "Siya ang bumili nito for P2million," says Senator Madrigal referring to the important person who bought the videos.

4:54pm  "These were sold to someone for P2 million," may we ask for clarification from Atty. Tamano.

4:55pm  The instructions to Mr. Erik Chua were to delete the video. 

4:56pm  "Nasa responsibility ito ni Dra. Belo."

4:57pm  "Ako'y nagpapasalamat kay Katrina kasi yung katapangan mo nagbigay ng pag-asa sa ibang biktima," says Senator Madrigal.  

4:58pm  "Pa'no nalipat yung video from the camera to the laptop."

4:58pm  USB lang po.

4:59pm  "Point n Shoot Sony Camera."

5:00pm  Dr. Hayden Kho is being asked the name of the person who bought the videos?

5:01pm  This guy really has a lot of connections ... "

5:01pm  You know him personally?  I'd rather not comment.

5:02pm  "Have you been threatened already by this person?"

5:02pm  "I am receiving death threats from this particular person."

5:03pm  Senator Madrigal presses one more time for Hayden Kho to reveal the drug pusher who bought the sex videos.

5:03pm  "Ma'am, I can't make a decision right now ..." Hayden.

5:04pm  "Ma'am baka the moment I say Yes, paglabas ko pa lang dito, tapos na 'ko," Hayden.

5:04pm  "Malalim ito," Senator Madrigal.

5:04pm  "Baka mamaya nasa likod ko na," Hayden said.

5:06pm  "Katrina, pasasalamatan ka bayan ng habang buhay mo," Senator Madrigal.

Hearing adjourned. 

Who is the mystery drug supplier who bought the sex videos for P2 million?  Who is this powerful person whom Hayden Kho cannot name for fear of his life and that of his family? 

This case is way, way far from over and the stakes I'd say have just gone up several notches higher.

Author's Note: Any mistakes or omissions on this live blog post are mine alone.  Pasensiya na po, tao lang.

28 May 2009  5:38pm

Senator Madrigal is being interviewed by Tony Velasquez at ANC's Top Story and she is saying that they have passed the Anti Child Pornography bill but the Congress has not acted on it.  She is saying that with such a law, mere possession of sex videos involving children would be punishable. 

"I have information that the hard drive [containing the sex videos] were sold and posted on the Internet," says Senator Madrigal.

"I would really like to know if they're withholding information (referring to Dr. Vicki Belo)," she added.

Senator Madrigal says she will talk with Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to investigate the drugs angle with another Senate Committee, possibly Public Order, in coordination with her Youth Committee.

Erik Chua and Bistek Rosario will be summoned in the next Senate hearing.

"It's my duty as a Senator to hear things referred to my Committee.  It's a risk we have to take," referring to her decision to hold the hearings also in public but this time making sure that no one but the Senate guards are positioned behind the resource persons.

The interview finishes at 5:48pm.

Congratulations to Senators Jamby Madrigal, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada for not blinking on this one and for keeping the public informed on this matter of immense public interest.

28 May 2009  6:12pm

These are the video clips from GMAnews.tv:



  1. Congratulations to the senators? I hope you're being sarcastic; while this 'inquiry' might end up doing some good, I would've thought that the time and resources of our elected officials would be better served elsewhere.

    And while we're at it, I do hope that a certain Senator would stop calling the kettle black; look into your own affairs before pointing out other people's perversions.

  2. First of all, thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

    We both agree obviously that this inquiry will do our country some good. There are pending bills in the Senate that need to be discussed and passed or thrown out, as the case might be. Either way, some of our legislators will have to sit down, conduct hearings, inform the public, get our inputs, and work on passing these legislation.

    One important information that turned up during the hearing was the existence of the "high profile personality" being referred to by Senator Madrigal as supposedly having supplied Hayden Kho with drugs and is also suspected to be the same person who bought the sex videos and had them distributed.

    The reason why I support a public hearing on this issue is so that the Filipino people will have access to information such as this that affects our life as a nation and pose a threat to the safety of our children.

    When our Senators confirm who this person is, they should help in having him arrested then they should tell it to us and not keep it a secret.

    I agree with you, however, that the time of our legislators need to be spent more productively. We can do something about that. We can write them letters, email them or call up their offices and tell them the things that we expect them to do.

    What we need to tell our Senators and Congressmen is that they need to work on and speak out publicly on other important things such as imposing a moratorium on tuition fee increases, providing greater funding to health care and other social services, passing legislation that will require banks to lend more to local entrepreneurs to spur job creation and strengthen the local economy, etc.

    That's the way to keep our country moving forward.

    Let's all join hands to make our country a better place!

    Thank you and God bless!


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