Sunday, May 17, 2009

David Archuleta and David Cook Back-to-Back Blockbuster Live in Manila Concert Makes Philippine Music History

17 May 2009

From the way they performed last night, about 8:30 to 11:00pm, Manila time, and the way tens of thousands of screaming young fans responded, David Cook and David Archuleta, stars of American Idol Season 7, have started a trend or tradition that will continue for a long time — the musical pilgrimage to the Philippines of American Idol winners.

I did not expect to be there yesterday because of a prior commitment but when I got off earlier than expected, I headed straight to the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, got a ticket into one of the standing only sections and on to Philippine music history. 

David Archuleta started the show with one of his hit songs, Touch My Hand, followed by other songs in his album and, of course, his two big hits, A Little Too Not Over You and Crush which he sang in his Sis and Eat Bulaga guestings.

This is GMA 7's news report of the event courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

I tried to upload to youtube very early  this morning (I started this post at 3:10a.m.) the video clip I took of David A's performance of To Be With You (one of several I took) but that was unsuccessful and I gave up finishing the post at that time.  I'm trying to do the upload again (it's painfully progress and it's still in progress - it's now 1:00p.m.).

My upload is now finished (a little past 1 pm), here it is (my apologies for the quality of the video, I was really unprepared to cover this event). You'll see much better videos elsewhere especially those that are taken up close but I guess this one shows you a little of the view  "from the back." 

After David Archuleta finished his segment of the concert, the audience had to wait for about twenty minutes. David Cook's appearance was preceded by a fireworks presentation. 

Please bear with me; i'm still working on this post.  I'll begin the upload to youtube of the David Cook video clip in a few minutes.
In the meantime, here's a video of David Archuleta's A Little Not Too Over You straight from AOL music:

More when I return.

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