Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30, Confirmed H1N1 Cases in the Philippines Now Placed at 14

30 May 2009

There are now fourteen (14) confirmed H1N1 cases in the Philippines according to the DOH.

This is the video report courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

I have written several posts lamenting the DOH's questionable attitude of keeping secret to the general public the details of the flights of people who come in from flights abroad and eventually show signs of H1N1 infection here.

You can do Google searches of countries like Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore and you'll see that they normally publicize the flight details whenever incoming passengers develop H1N1 cases.

Why should the flight details be publicized?

We can give lots of answers to this question but one of the simplest reasons why this should be done is to alert all the passengers who came into the country on the same flights taken by these confirmed H1N1 cases. Once alerted, these fellow passengers can take the necessary self-quarantine or self-isolation measures such as social distancing which will then contribute automatically to the containment of any H1N1 infection.

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