Sunday, May 24, 2009

Katrina Halili's Lawyer Denies Hayden Kho's Charge That It Was Katrina Who Supplied Hayden with Drugs

24 May 2009  1:39am, Manila time

Atty. Mamyrlito Tan, lawyer of Katrina Halili lawyer, denies the charge of Dr. Hayden Kho that it was she (Katrina) who brought drugs to Hayden during the time when they carried on their relationship in 2007.  "Pinabubulaanan po namin 'yung sinasabi na binigyan ni Katrina ng droga si Hayden Kho. Hindi po nagdro-droga si Katrina," said Atty. Tan in the weekend report of Saksi which aired around 1:09am, exactly 30 minutes ago.

According to Atty. Lorna Kapunan, her client Dr. Hayden Kho told her that it was Katrina Halili who gave him drugs.  

"He said that it was Katrina who was providing him during the ... the ... when they were together, it was Katrina who brought him drugs."  Those were the exact words of Atty. Kapunan.

The same report showed Atty. Adel Tamano saying that his client, Dr. Vicki Belo, girlfriend of Hayden Kho, was not responsible for the release or proliferation of the sex videos while also admitting the existence of a Hayden Kho - Vicki Belo sex video.

Another lawyer of Katrina Halili, Atty. Raymund Palad, insisted that the defense of "psychological treatment" that is being invoked by the camp of Hayden Kho is not proper in the case of violation of RA 9262 or Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children. 

This is the video clip of the weekend Saksi report courtesy of GMAnews.tv:

Im afraid, this "revelation" by the Hayden Kho camp, whether true or not, will only galvanize public opinion against him. At the very least, it is an attempt by his camp to paint him as a "total victim"  — somebody who was supposedly lured into drugs and then while supposedly under the influence of drugs, lost control of himself and took those sex videos. 

Assuming he is eventually charged with a criminal offense under RA 9262, this line of defense indicates that Dr. Hayden Kho will plead "not guilty" as he is entitled to be presumed not guilty. 

But then, what "remorse" was he speaking about during his interview with media?  What did he mean when he said, "... learn to condemn the sin and not the sinner"? Ugh!  

This would be a much better place if all lawyers in the Philippines would strive not just to win legal cases or demonstrate to the public their legal erudition but to seek justice in their hearts, obtain that justice before our courts of law and truly change society for the better.




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