Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drug Enforcement Agent's Daughter Was Drugged and Raped, Was She or Wasn't She?, Even PDEA Chief Dionisio Santiago Can't Say For Sure!

21 July 2009

After news broke over the weekend that the daughter of a government drug enforcement agent was drugged and raped by people connected with a drug syndicate shocking and angering top government officials and spurring renewed calls for the revival of the death penalty, it now appears that the reports might not be true after all.

This is what GMANews.tv reports in one of its articles:
Pestaño said a reconstruction of events based on the regional police’s findings showed the girl knocked off school after finishing a make-up class at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

Some friends fetched her and they had a drinking spree at the house of another friend.

"Mga bandang 7 p.m., nalasing ang dalagita. At pagka lasing, di nila ma-control dahil patumba-tumba sa sala set, patayo, parang… walang control sa sarili niya, so they decided to bring her home [At about 7 p.m. the girl got drunk. When she could not control herself and repeatedly collapsed, her friends decided to bring her home]," Pestaño said.

"Samakatuwid if we base all the facts sa salaysay ng 4 [na] teenager na kasama niya roon wala talagang kidnapping, walang rape [If we base our findings on these, there was no kidnapping or rape]," he added.
And yet, in the face of this report, even PDEA Chief Dionisio Santiago is not sure which reports to believe.  He said in the same GMANews.tv article:

"Ang connection ko lang is through the agent…I was relying fully on the report. Very sketchy ‘yong nakukuha nila [My only connection was through the agent. The reports he was getting were very sketchy]," Santiago said in an interview on Unang Hirit Tuesday. 

He said he is likewise relying on the PNP’s findings and the statements of the girl’s parents. 

But with the lack of information at hand, Santiago said he is in a bind because he could not yet answer the public‘s questions. 

"Ako medyo na naiipit. Di ako makapagbigay ng intelligent answers [I’m in a bind, I cannot give intelligent answers]," he said. 
But it's not only Santiago who is in a bind, the entire nation is in a bind!  If the country's top anti-narcotics czar can't figure this one out, how can we?!

Whether true or not, this case serves as a wake up call for all of us.  Whether it happened or not, we might as well assume that it did if only for us to double our vigilance and strengthen our efforts in combating the scourge of drugs and the criminality and misery that it engenders.

More on this story in this news reports courtesy of GMANews.tv:


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