Friday, July 24, 2009

Fake Doctor Injected Angel Papillero's Nose with Paraffin Wax — Dr. John Cenica Warns, "People Injected with Paraffin Wax Are "Walking Time Bombs"

24 July 2009

In this report by Mariz Umali, she features beautician Angel Papillero who had her nose lift done by a fake doctor last year who did the procedure in a room in his house. Papillero's friend recommended to him the "doctor."

After a week, disaster struck. Papillero's nose became inflamed and paraffin wax started oozing out of his nose. "Namaga siya, nagkaroon siya ng bukol tapos lumabas yung parang wax... Tapos nagkasira 'yung ilong ko. Pangit talaga, as in umiiyak ako kasi ang pangeeet!."  

This year, Papillero had her nose fixed which enables him to smile again.

According to Dr. John Cenica, "The danger is that they are not doctors.  Plus most of these patients who have had paraffin material injected on their noses, they're like a walking time bomb... because you'll never know what's going to happen."

Dr. Cenica minced no words in sounding out this warning: "One is there might be infections ... you can feel some mass o bukol dun sa ilong ...  may lead to embolus ... pag sinabing embolus 'eto yung nag-tratravel doon sa ... pumunta dun sa ugat ... nag-travel doon sa ugat at nag-block dun sa brain  ... then eventually stroke, then probably comatose then eventually, death."

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