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Singer Selina Sevilla in the Buzz July 26, 2009 — She Suffers from Gluteal Necrosis (Pagkabulok ng Laman) Tells Viewers, "Huwag N'yo Na 'Kong Gayahin"

26 July 2009

Singer Selina Sevilla who's been featured in this blog recently, Singer Selina Sevilla Files Case Against Dr. R. A. Eugenio Who Allegedly Botched Her Butt Augmentation Procedure Using Silicone Oil Injection in 1998,  has just been interviewed by Boy Abunda in The Buzz together with her doctor (not the one who did the original butt augmentation procedures on her in 1998 and 1999).

Selina is suffering from gluteal necrosis (pagkabulok ng laman) which could have become life-threatening had it not been diagnosed this early.  One of the side effects of silicone oil injection which was mentioned in The Buzz was "pagkalat sa baga."  "Baga," of course, refers to our lungs, a very critical organ of our body. 

This is an excerpt in an article found in facialwasting.org which informs us of the history of silicone oil injections, its banning in the U.S. in 1967 and its side effects: 

Second to solid silicone, there is a 70 year history to the use of silicone oil injections to add volume to the buttocks. “Liquid silicone injected to human tissue for cosmetic reasons started as early as the 1940s and is a separate issue from the silicone gel implants.” (Tilleman 3). Dow Corning introduced medical grade silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane, also called Liquid Injectable Silicone in the late 1950s for soft tissue augmentation. It was approved by the FDA in 1964 but was banned in the U.S. and some other countries in 1967.” (Lemperle et al.) 1


“They share a common beginning until doctors Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin invented the silicone breast implant in the early 1960’s. The idea was to insert the silicone oils into an envelope in order to stop it from migrating, a known complication (even at that point) of silicone oils injection” wrote the silicone researcher, Dr. Tamara Tilleman of Harvard, in a paper arguing for banning all injected silicone oil preparations for cosmetic augmentation. Her paper contains a very complete history and discussion of the use and complications of injecting silicone oils and should be read by anyone trying to understand the issue. A direct link is here: http://leda.law.harvard.edu/leda/data/727/Tilleman05.rtf


Unsurprisingly, inexpensive silicone oil has been the most available option for transgendered persons seeking inexpensive large scale augmentation.


Silicone oil (polydimethylsiloxane, PDMS) for injection into human tissue has not won approval from any medical authorities since its banning in the last century except for one specific retinopathy indication we discuss below. Silicone oil injections are specifically illegal in Western Europe, the UK, the US and most of Latin America. Silicone oil is also not widely used in the rest of the world where there are no specific prohibitions, due to its high level of both short and long term problems.


The medical literature and existing documentation is vast on the possible complications from the use of this substance. These complications are not easily treated and in some cases require surgical debridement, often meeting with limited success and producing significant morbidity.  Chief among these complications are physical deformations from migration, infection, lymphoedema, tissue necrosis, giant cell (granuloma) reaction, fibrotic and chronic inflammation, and most seriously, a triggering of adjuvant disease, an autoimmune illness where the body becomes hypersensitive to all foreign substances and even to itself. “Clinically, the “edematous granulomas” appeared suddenly like an allergic reaction with redness, extreme swelling with multiple areas of firm, fixed, but rather soft nodules. No pain was involved but submandibular adenopathy was often disturbing and palpable. However, what impressed more was the rather late onset of foreign boidy granuloma at 10 to 15 years following injection. …the FDA limited LIS use in 1965 to a certain number of patients of selected investigators.” (Lemperle et al.) 1

Just before the interview ended, Selina Sevilla disclosed that before she came out in public with her story, she discussed it with her children and she said that her daughter commented that she would not allow herself to undergo any cosmetic surgery procedure. In the end, Selina had a simple message to The Buzz viewers: "Huwag n'yo na 'kong gayahin!"

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