Saturday, July 4, 2009

North Korea Starts July 4 Fireworks Early, Fires 7 Missiles Off its East Coast in Blatant Defiance of the US

4 July 2009

Defying pressure from the United States, North Korea fired seven more missiles off its east coast, sending a strong message that it will continue to do what it wants even with its back against the wall.  The timing was also inauspicious, timed as it was to serve as a prelude to the usual July 4 Independence Day fireworks across the United States.

The missiles are believed to be Nodongs, medium-range Scud type missiles which have the ability to hit most of  Japan and also all of South Korea as well.  US weapons experts believe that the Nodongs have the capability to deliver a small nuclear payload and that the Nokors are working on this project.

More on this story in this CNN report by Sohn Jie-ae from Seoul:


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