Saturday, July 11, 2009

Josie Norcio, Former Patient of Belo Medical Group Complains of Failed, Allegedly Near-Fatal Butt Enhancement Operation

11 July 2009

It was shown as a teaser for XXX on TV Patrol last night but it was carried by Saksi as a full-blown news item very early today.  Josie Norcio, a former patient of the Belo Medical Group is alleging that she almost died as a result of infection arising from a butt enhancement operation done on her in 2002 and 2005.  

In News on Q, Raffy Tima makes this report: "The first operation was done in December 2002. Hydrogel was injected into her butt to increase its profile. Ms. Norcio claims she was not satisfied with the result and so in June 2005, she underwent another butt enhancement operation ... Josie said she spent P300,000 for both procedures.  Last May, her butt developed infection and at one point, Ms. Norcio said, she almost died from septic shock.  As a result, she had to undergo six operations to remove the hydrogel from her body."

Raffy Tima: Nung nagkakaroon ka na ng problema, anong klaseng tulong ang ibinigay nila sa 'yo?

Josie Norcio: Wala. Nag-discharge ako dito, lumabas ako ng St. Luke's,  punta ko sa kanila sa clinic nila sa Morato dahil dun naman ang record ko, dun ako ginawa. Tsaka lang nila ko tutulungan.

For its part, the Belo Medical Group said that "four years have elapsed since her surgery.  The lapse of time and the supervening events that may have occurred after her surgery make it difficult to make make any judgment on her health status." 

More on this story in this News on Q report by Raffy Tima courtesy of GMANews.tv:

I understand that Josie Norcio's story will be featured in tonight's edition of XXX over ABS-CBN.

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