Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jun Lozada Fights a Gallant Battle on Two Fronts — Now Hooked to Oxygen and Dextrose as His Medical Condition Worsens

6 May 2009

Jun Lozada is fighting not only a legal battle that has placed him in jail, he's also fighting a medical battle that has now landed him in the hospital.  Lozada was arrested on April 29 as a result of perjury charges filed against him by defeated administration senatorial candidate Mike Defensor.

The star witness of the ZTE-NBN broadband scandal which rocked the Philippines more than a year ago is now confined at Room 8837 of the Medical Center Manila along UN Avenue.  

You will recall that early yesterday morning, a lady doctor rushed to Lozada while he was still in jail after the latter's blood pressure dropped.  The doctor confirmed that Lozada is "anemic" and that detention has further deteriorated his health.  She ordered blood tests to be taken. It was hours after this that Lozada again complained of difficulty of breathing which prompted police authorities to summon two doctors who immediately recommended Lozada's admission to the hospital.
More on Lozada's medical condition in this report from GMAnews.tv.  This is the video clip likewise from GMAnews.tv:

If top whistleblower Jun Lozada loses his battle without this nation standing up to be heard and protesting, this country is really washed down the drain. 

Pinoy, nakalimutan mo na ba kung paano iwinagayway ni Manny Pacquiao ang bandilang Pilipino sa Las Vegas?  Suportahan natin si Jun Lozada upang lumabas ang katotohanan!  

Let's continue praying that God sustains Jun Lozada his wife Violet and kids as he fights for the toughest battle of his life.

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