Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Continue Praying for Cory Aquino's Healing as She Undergoes Colon Cancer Surgery Today

4 May 2009

Today, Monday, Cory Aquino will undergo laparoscopy to remove part of her diseased colon in her continuing battle against cancer.  SunStar Manila reports that:
The laparoscopy will involve small incisions using fiber optic cameras which had to be flown into the Philippines because they were not available locally. The operation will be headed by a French doctor specializing in colon cancer.
Let's continue praying that God heals her and strengthen her in this critical juncture of her life. 

Here are related video clips from GMAnews.tv:

Cory Aquino has been both widely praised and widely criticized at the same time.  

But both friend and foe alike agree on one thing about Cory Aquino — this woman has remarkable courage.  This was evident during the campaign for the 1986 snap presidential elections when pro-Marcos forces taunted her repeatedly, "Cory, isang bala ka lang!"

To this day, I still have vivid images in my mind of Cory's calm but firm retort, "Marcos, isang balota ka lang!"

Citizen Cory's abiding faith in God and unquestionable courage steeled the resolve of the Filipino nation.  The rest, of course, is history.

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